Weekend cheat, is it OK?

Weekend cheat, is it OK?

Weekend cheat, are you serious? You know very well that cheating is a big NO on the HCG diet, even if there are ways available to help you get back on track. Cheating on the HCG diet, even on weekends, isn’t the end of everything. You can certainly recover from your weekend cheat, but if you want to lose the maximum amount of weight, DO NOT cheat.

Cheating on the HCG Diet

Cheating even for just one day while you are on the very low-calorie phase can end up causing a major weight loss stall. It prevents weight loss. Cheating is equals to weight gain, from just a couple of pounds to almost five pounds. If nothing happens or if you’ll only experience a weight-loss stall for a day or two, then your fortunate. But what if you will gain weight? Another issue is your mental mindset.

The problem here is when cheating gets out of control. What if your weekend cheat eventually leads you to quit your diet, or to cheat more often and gain more weight? Looking forward for some treat can help you stay on track with your weight loss goal, but too often, it’s a sign that you are not committed to your diet.

Weekend cheat is not good for your health

A weekend cheat will ruin not only your weight loss efforts but also your health.

  • Weekend cheat can give cravings and sugar crash: Sugar can be very addictive and you can get a rush and drop from it. Eating a small amount of sugary food and you’ll be tempted to have more. Stick to it for a few days and you’ll end up craving for more all week.
  • Weekend cheat is not good for your gut health: A weekend cheat of unnecessary foods like sugar, alcohol, and processed foods are enough to cause damages to your gut.
  • Weekend cheat can cause inflammation: Bad choices of foods during your weekend cheat can lead to inflammation.
  • Weekend cheat can affect your immune system: Drinking alcoholic beverages during your weekend cheat can impair your immunity. This decreases your body’s ability to fight off illnesses-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Weekend cheat can feed guilt and negative feeling: Cheating on weekends can ruin your diet and your Monday to Friday lose efforts, and this can make you feel guilty.

A cheat day once in a while will not compromise your weeks or months of consistent weight loss efforts. Weekend cheat can help you stay motivated long term as long as you cheat mindfully. However, this does not mean you should indulge in excess on weekend cheats. You need to always make sure you are in a healthy weight range, and it will help you keep a healthy weight. If you end up with a weekend cheat, you are required to do an apple day or Steak day as a stall breaker. As much as possible, do not cheat. No matter how hungry you are, do not resort to eating anything that isn’t HCG Diet approved.

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