Vitamin B12 and the HCG Diet

Vitamin B12 is also known as Cobalamin. It is a nutrient that helps convert foods into energy. It is naturally found in animal products like dairy, fish, egg, pork and beef. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin B12 is 2.4 mcg. A deficiency of this vital nutrient can slow down the metabolism especially to those who are on a restricted diet like HCG Diet.

Advantages of B12 with HCG diet

Vitamin B12 does not contribute to weight loss. However, it is beneficial for dieters because of its ability to boost the energy levels. It enhances the digestions and ensures the optimum health of the nervous system. Below are lists of benefits than you can get when you use vitamin B12 with HCG Diet:

  • An enhanced energy level brought by faster metabolism
  • Lesser side effects brought by HCG alone because important nutrients are replenished
  • Regulates the formation of red blood cells
  • Helps the body utilize the iron
  • Boost the body’s immunity
  • Aids in memory, mental clarity and concentration
  • Improves digestions, metabolism of fats and carbohydrate, absorption of foods
  • Contributes to the overall health of the nervous system

Vitamin B12 and HCG diet connection

Vitamin B12 is a vital supplement when on the HCG Diet. It helps break down fats and proteins in a swifter manner than usual. As a result, it helps increases your metabolism thus making feel more energetic even on a very low calorie diet.

It is not a stand-alone solution for obese people. Since it’s water-soluble, much of these nutrients are excreted in the urine. No matter how much supplements you take, you can utilize only a small fraction of it. The only way is to use a higher dose of vitamin B12 when on the HCG Diet. Dieters who use vitamin B12 with HCG can tolerate well the protocol and have higher chances of losing weight.

B12 and HCG Vegan Dieters

Dr. Simeon has made it clear in his protocol regarding the use of vitamin supplement on the HCG Diet. Strict vegetarians are more prone to vitamin B12 deficiency. Even those who eat eggs and consume milk are at risk of having low levels of vitamin B12 in their bodies. There might even chance for vegans to become severely weak. This is because what they consumed is less than the RDA.

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