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HCG diet is a good diet not only for those who want to lose a lot of weight but even for those who want to lose around 7 to 10 pounds. Dieters with goals to lose 7-10 pounds should follow the 26 day protocol. Here’s how to go about losing 7-10 pounds following the 26-day protocol:

You still begin the diet as everyone else does. Your first two days begin by gorging on whatever foods you like, particularly those that are high-fat high-calorie foods. At the same time, you start having your daily shot. After the loading days, on day three, you stop gorging and you will drop your food intake to 500 calories a day until you finish the 23 injections. The remaining days, you will continue with the 500 calories a day until the 26-day protocol is over. Take a look at this one:

2 days of loading with HCG injections

+       21 days of 500 calorie diet with HCG injections

3 days of 500 calorie diet without the HCG injection


26-day protocol

Your diet will start to vary after you reach your goal. You will probably get your goal weight in the late second or early third week as you lose around 1-2 pounds a day with the HCG Diet. Once you reached your goal weight, you will increase your calorie intake to 800-1000 calories a day to maintain your current weight but you will still continue having your daily injections of HCG.

What happens to your body when you lose around 10 pounds?

  1. Your heart will thank you

The weight and fat you carry actually play a huge role in the health of your heart. According to the Journal of Cardiology, the spare tires around your waist can increase the risk of heart disease but when you lose just 10 pounds or 5-10 of your body weight, you can greatly reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart diseases.

  • Lower blood pressure plus lower cholesterol level

Losing just 10 pounds can support healthy cholesterol levels and normal blood pressure.  If your cholesterol level is high, by losing 10 pounds you can put yourself on a path to healthier cholesterol level and a drop in your blood pressure by nearly 10%.

  • Healthier joints

Being overweight by only 10 pounds increases the force on your ankles, knee, and hips by 30-60 pounds with each step. So, losing just 10 pounds can help your joint suffer less tear and wear and you’ll be able to move around well longer with less pain.

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes

Losing 5%-10% of your body’s weight can significantly reduce your risk of developing diabetes by 58%. You do not have to starve yourself with every meal just to lose 10 pounds. You can safely do this with the right diet-the HCG Diet.

  • Cleanses your body and mind

Unhealthy visceral fats build up around your kidney and liver can make it hard for your organs to clean your body. The unhealthy fat can also increase your chances of having diabetes type II and heart diseases.

When you lose around 10 pounds, you will slowly clean your body of the unhealthy fats that surround these organs. You’ll start noticing differences in how you look like having vibrant skin, looser nice clothing that can battle dangerous negative thoughts.

  • Improve sex life

Better sex. For males, a trimmer man means your penis is better able to stand at attention when it really matters. Men who are overweight may likely experience chronic inflammatory stress which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • Better sleep

Losing 10 pounds helps you sleep better at night and say goodnight to sleep apnea. When you are overweight you develop an excess tissue at the back of your throat that can fall over the airway and decrease the flow of air. When you lose 10 pounds, the quality of your sleep immensely improve allowing your airways to widen and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.

  • Low blood sugar level

Type II diabetes can be reversed or prevented with weight loss. Now, when you lose 10 pounds you’ll lower your risk of developing diabetes by 58%. This is good news too for those with curbing belly fats as high blood sugar level tends to manifest as abdominal fat.

  • Easier to climb a stair

Dieters who lose around 10 pounds noticed that they can walk upstairs more easily. Climbing stairs, on the other hand, can take care of your physical as well as mental health. Climbing a stair is a great form of exercise that will help you lose additional weight during the HCG Diet. It’s an ideal way to develop immunity, improve your energy, lowers your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

  1.  Energy boost

You can skyrocket your energy level during the day just by losing 10 pounds because your body learns how to use oxygen more efficiently. Some of the energy boosts also came from the foods you have removed from your diet such as sugar. Sugars are a simple carbohydrate that gives a quick energy rush but once metabolized, you’re in for a crash. When you lose weight and learn how to eat healthier foods, you’ll have a steadier stream of energy that lasts longer.

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  • Jan Marie Luna

    If you were not able reach your ideal weight on your first round, you could do succeeding rounds. Break between first and second round is at least six weeks; between second and third round is eight weeks; between third and fourth round is twelve weeks, and so on. The breaks between rounds becomes progressively longer.

  • marica

    If this diet would let me lose an average of 1-2 pounds a day, I don’t think I can lose all my excess fats within 1 round. Can I just continue with my 2nd round after finishing my first?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    If you were not able reach your ideal weight on your first round, you could do succeeding rounds.
    Break between first and second round is at least six weeks; between second and third round is eight weeks; between third and fourth round is twelve weeks, and so on.
    The breaks between rounds becomes progressively longer.

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