Trouble Shooting Weight Gain during Phase 3 of the HCG Diet: Reasons Why You are Gaining Weight

Weight gain at the start of your phase 3 is just normal. Anyway, you have that 2-pounds range to follow but there are times that you just can’t stay within the 2-pounds range and went above the rule for several reasons. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you stabilizing your weight the correct way?

Some dieter often made mistakes with their last day weight or LDW. Your LDW is not the weight on the scale during your first day of Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Your LDW is the morning weight of your last day of injection, your LAST dose. This is the weight that you will try to stay within the 2-pounds range. After the last injection, you still have 3 days of consuming only a very low amount of calories. During this time, most still lose a good amount of weight, so when they start their phase 3, they are actually under their LDW. You can still lose around 1 to 3 pounds. Now for a couple of days on P3, you might gain back some 2 to 3 pounds even if you are doing the diet right. But do not worry, as long as you are doing the diet correctly, your weight won’t continue to shoot up to your original weight.

Did you eat fruits and carb portion during P2?

Removing fruits and carbs during Phase 2 can dramatically cause your body to lose so much weight. And for some reason, removing fruits and carbs on P2 reduces cravings however NO fruits or carbs means you will have to stabilize your weight at a higher rate. Why?

You won’t be able to apply the 2 pounds rule in this type of situation. Here’s why:

Removing fruits and carb during P2 can make your diet super low. Your body will end up tapping into the stored glycogen in your body and it’s going to use this stored glycogen as a source of energy. These stored glycogens are basically just sugar and water stored in your liver and muscles. It is NOT fat. Your body may tend to hold a certain amount of water and sugar when on its normal state. Going fruitless on P2 then transition to P3 will naturally refill the loose glycogen and will quickly store this as soon as possible- causing weight gain.

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  • Jan Marie Luna

    You don’t need to stay on one weight to consider yourself stable. Even if your weight still fluctuates, your weight is still considered “stable” as long as you don’t put on or lose more than 2 lbs of your last injection weight.

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