Time To Ignore The 2-Pounds Rules

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Time To Ignore The 2-Pounds Rules

When you didn’t eat carbs andfruit during P2

There are times during your Phase 2 of the HCG Diet you have totally removed the Fruits and carb choices just to beat your CRAVINGS and to make P2 much easier. Now, what will happen to your end weight? Practically, you will be losing much weight without fruits and carbs on your P2 and it’s gonna be an artificially low weight.

Whathad happened? Removing the fruits and carbs will make your dietsuper low. In the end, your body will tap into your stored glycogen for energy.Glycogen is not FAT- it’s basically stored water in your muscles. So, when yougo to the next phase and stabilize, your body will hold onto the glycogen andrefills the lost one as quickly as possible. Naturally, your body will regainseveral pounds, most of which are water and glycogen. Your weight will gohigher than the 2-pounds range. My advice-try to stick with the P2 protocol.

When you have started someexercise on P3

Exercise on P3 won’t stabilizeyour weight right away. Here’s why…During exercise, your muscle retains weight. When you work out and sore, yourbody is breaking down the muscle tissue but will rebuild it into better andstronger one. For your muscle to rebuild its tissue, it needs water. As yourmuscles are building up the tissue, your body has to retain extra water.

The more trained your muscle isthe more it stores glycogen. So, when you go back to working out on the P3,your muscle will store water more quickly which causes you to gain more weightthan someone else in P3. Staying within the 2-pounds range is quite impossibleto do. Just make sure you keep out sugars and starches out of the picture.

When you have done several steakdays

Your weight isn’t stabilizing nomatter how many steak days you’ve made. Still, you go up higher than the 2-poundsrule. Well, just give it a go and see if you can stabilize a little bit higherthan 2-pounds range. If it seems impossible to stabilize despite all your efforts,considering leaving the rule behind can be a great idea rather than doing thesteak day over and over again. A steak day is essentially fasting and is NOThealthy. If you find yourself doing the steak day every other week for weeksthen definitely it’s not okay. Why not leave the rule behind and go up higher,perhaps, that is the way to go.

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Time To Ignore The 2-Pounds Rules

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