How to Tighten a Loose Skin after the HCG Diet?

How to Tighten a Loose Skin after the HCG Diet?

Finding a perfect weight loss plan that syncs with your lifestyle is a step away from achieving a great look. Now you are ready to shed all those extra pounds that you’ve been carrying for years. Just one problem- as you are losing weight you may notice that your skin isn’t bouncing back. The same surface area that covers your new, smaller self now lags on your belly and arms. Your face can even seem a bit slack.

Why our skin does this?

The issue of loose skin starts when you start to gain weight. The skin is the largest human organ that is comprised of protein elastin and collagen. The protein elastin and collagen give your skin its firm strength and elasticity. It helps your skin stretch when you gain weight without tearing it. Weight gain will cause your skin to over inflate like a balloon.

Your skin, as an elastic organ, stretches and contracts to form with the shape of your body. Your skin surface area increases in size to accommodate the new fat tissue deposits below your skin. However, over time and with increased weight gain, the protein fibers become weak and damaged. Your skin may not be able to snap back to its original smaller shape when you lose weight too quickly due to the weakening of the fiber. This leads to saggy, excess skin during weight loss. However, the amount of saggy skin that remains after a diet varies by individual. Not all dieters’ skin sags after losing weight. It depends on several factors such as age, genetics, total muscle mass and total weight gain. The more weight you’ll lose the more difficult it would be for your skin to snap back to its original smaller shape. Some dieters have a massive amount of loose skin that only surgery can fix.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the skin and its surrounding area…

There are two layers of tissue underneath the skin: The adipose tissue (fat) and the muscle tissue directly beneath the fat tissue. Both the fat and the muscle tissue push up against the adjacent layer of the skin making it relatively taut before you start to lose weight. When you lose weight and burn those fat cells, your fat cell shrinks but your skin surface area still retains. The space under the larger surface area now lags and may seem to sag because there is less tissue underneath your skin taking up space. Your skin now sags.

Ways to tighten loose skin after the HCG Diet

The first rule is not to panic. Having loose skin after losing weight happens to anyone and is normal. Having a sagging skin after losing weight, in fact, is one of the most common problems that almost all dieters experience. Your skin is a living organ so keep in mind that your skin will slowly return to a shape that fits your body. However, that process may seem to take too long, at least a year or two. Here are steps that you can do to make your skin tighten more quickly:

  • Lose weight at a healthy pace

Losing weight at a healthy pace allows you to retain more muscle tissue while keeping your skin tight since your muscle acts as a supportive tissue that holds your skin onto your body.

  • Choose a healthy weight loss program like the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is one of the BEST diets and weight loss program available. One of the biggest factors of the HCG hormone is its effect on the skin.

The hormone helps promote your skin elasticity so it would be able to stretch and quickly snap back to its normal state just like pregnant women do after giving birth. The HCG diet can provide a great contour to your body if done correctly. Most dieters who took their plunge into this diet have dropped their weight and seemed to be shrinking everywhere including their skin no matter how much weight they have to lose. You can only achieve a dramatic weight loss with an amazing body contouring through the HCG Diet.

  • Build muscle mass

Muscle tissue is the key to minimize loose skin. If a muscle mass is lost in addition to fats due to the wrong weight loss program, it creates an even larger void under your skin surface. There are several ways that you can do to help increase your muscle tissue after losing weight with the HCG Diet.

  • Strength training exercise– helps decrease the appearance of loose skin; allows you to maintain more muscle mass; build muscle if you’re new to strength training
  • Hypertrophy training or muscle building training– increases the overall volume and size of the muscle; allows the skin to cling tighter to the underlying tissue (toned and tight muscle helps give your skin a strong foundation to rest on)
  • Keeping your protein intake high– protein helps build muscles; protein prevents the loss of lean mass during the very low calorie diet of HCG
  • Tighten up with exercise

Exercise is prohibited during the HCG Diet except for those light ones. However, when your protocol complete, mild training and toning can be very beneficial in improving muscle tone. Toned and firm muscle can improve the texture and the look of your skin as well as preventing it from sagging.

  • Stay hydrated

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. So see to it that you are drinking enough amount of water during and after dieting to keep your skin supple, soft and to promote skin elasticity.

  • Have a healthy balanced diet

Your skin needs elastin and collagen to keep it firm, plump and improve its elasticity. To do this you need to protein-rich foods such as milk, cottage cheese, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds and fish. These foods contain elastin and collagen forming component and oils to make your skin healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, will not only make you healthy in the inside but will also keep your skin healthy on the outside.

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  • Sarah Simmons

    I have a lot of excess weight that I need to get rid of and would definitely need more than a single round. Will doing multiple rounds cause me to get very loose skin?

  • Jan Marie Luna

    The HCG diet is designed to let your skin shrink down as you lose the abnormal fats. So there wouldn’t be a problem of extreme loose skin even when doing more than one round. Just make sure that you follow the needed breaks in between rounds as instructed in the protocol. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You can learn more about this by reading up on Dr. Simeons’ manuscript, Pounds and Inches.

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