The HCG Vegetarian Diet: How to Eat?

The HCG Vegetarian Diet: How to Eat?

There are so many diet programs and meal plan you can consider when trying to lose weight. One particular diet program you can consider is the HCG diet. This could be the right fit for you as it focuses on eating fewer calories and a low amount of fat. The best part of it-it’s divided into three different phases. Each with dos and don’ts that will help you stay motivated as you try to achieve your weight loss goal.

The HCG diet allows you to lose at least a pound each day with the help of the HCG injection and low-calorie intake from chosen proteins from meat, poultry, and seafood. But if you’re a vegetarian, you might wonder whether you can follow the HCG protocol. Definitely YES!

Eating a vegetarian way on the HCG protocol

Here’s how to eat a vegetarian way and get back on track with your healthy life.

  • Prepare yourself

As a vegetarian, you will have to put in even more effort than those who do the plan the conventional way. You will be making changes to your meal plan, particularly proteins, and you’ll have to do it every single day. My advice- before your diet, make a list of alternative protein sources and get them all ready. Be familiar with the diet ahead of time. Ask yourself what will your daily routine be like? How will you replace your protein and still get the correct calories? Just a heads up, substituting plant-based protein for meat protein will probably increase about 100 calories, so it’s okay!

  • Make sure you get adequate protein

As a vegetarian, you shouldn’t worry about finding enough protein because there are so many plant-based options that you can use to substitute proteins from meat. The problem is how you are going to get the right amount of protein from substituting animal-based to plant-based.

  • Identify your plant-based substitute

Know your plant-based substitute. Again, there are several protein-rich plants you can use to substitute the meat options while on the HCG diet. Tofu, cottage cheese, garden veggie burgers, yogurt, and protein powders are some examples of protein substitute you can use. If you eat eggs, it’s also a great option for your protein intake. They’re great for salads or on-the-go protein snacks. Skim milk is also a great substitute for your protein.

  • Use vegan protein powder

You can easily bump up your protein intake with protein powder. Vegan protein powder is made from blends of nutrient-rich foods and greens from peas, sprouted lentils, navy beans, garbanzo seed, flaxseed, chia seeds, almonds-all are HCG diet-friendly. They’re free from dairy, soy, and gluten. They’re also organic. Each serving contains 20 to 30 grams of protein.

  • Other vegetarian/ vegan protein options

Considering using other meatless versions of proteins. They’re soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and are an excellent source of protein. Options like Quorm Meatless Roast, plant-based beef crumbles, meatless chicken, turkey, bacon, and Italian sausage. You can choose a different entrée for each meal during the very low-calorie phase.

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