The HCG Diet and Detox are Better Together

The HCG Diet and Detox are Better Together

The HCG Diet is a perfect diet program that naturally helps you shed unwanted fats. To begin with, you can choose to start with your HCG Diet with or without doing any type of detox protocol. The HCG diet was developed around the principle of clean eating thus, the diet itself works for detox. It detoxes your body from unwanted fats without the need for exercise.

Though it was not recommended by Dr. Simeons several HCG dieters opt for detox before jumping straight right into the HCG protocol. Their reason- HCG Diet and detox works better together!

What is body detox?

Detox or detoxification is a popular buzzword. Detox is the process of cleansing, relaxing, and revitalizing your body from the inside and out. It eliminates your body from harmful toxins by simply using detox products or supplements. You can also follow a specific diet to help your body get rid of toxins.

Why should you do a body cleanse?

It is vital to do a little cleansing first before you jump into a completely new way of eating. Toxic chemicals from the foods that you’re eating are absorbed by your body. Not only that, the toxins in the air you breathe are also absorbed by your body. Now here’s the shocking news, some of these toxins are stored in your fat tissue. So, getting rid of these toxins first will help set the phase. Once you’re on the HCG diet, it will be much easier for the hormone to burn the excess fats. You will also expect further improvement to your weight loss result.

How toxins influence your metabolism?

Toxins can affect your metabolism by:

  • Altering the hormonal regulation of weight. It alters the thyroid hormone receptor and metabolism function leading to a lower metabolic rate.
  • The toxin disrupts blood sugar control which promotes insulin resistance.
  • It can alter the energy cells inside your body. It causes damages to the enzymes involved in fatty acid oxidation and heat production.
  • Toxins can affect your liver and how they control lipid and glucose metabolism.
  • Toxins can impair leptin’s signal to your brain making you feel hungry all the time.
  • They can mess up with your metabolism. They act like estrogen when absorbed by the body. This raises your insulin sensitivity, causing imbalances to hormones responsible for muscle growth and metabolism. This imbalance then adds those unwanted pounds.

How would detox improve your weight loss?

Detox cleanses your body from harmful toxins that hide in the fat cells. If your body has too many toxins more fat is retained but when you detox, stored fats are burned more easily. There’s actual evidence that persistent organic pollutants accumulate the fat cells. When you flush these organic pollutants out from your body more fat is burned. Plus, detoxing your body will increase your body’s immune system function including alertness and energy boost.

Why is detox essential before the HCG Diet?

Detox can be a great way to jumpstart the HCG Diet.

  1. Detoxing your body from toxins before the actual HCG Diet can help with long-term weight loss management.
  2. It sets you up to have a healthy habit while on the HCG diet and even in the future. Even when if you’re off the diet, you’re equipped with the habits needed to help keep you on track in maintaining your weight.
  3. One great benefit you’ll notice after detox is an energy boost. Detox cleanses your body from sugars and caffeine that causes energy crashes. When you on the very low-calorie phase, you’ll have stable energy and even more to keep you going at work, with your hobbies, family, and social life.
  4. When you detox, you eliminate your body from toxins. At the same time, you help your internal organs do their jobs more efficiently. Your small intestine, pancreas, liver, and gall bladder can work at their best in breaking down the stored fats on your belly to be used as a main source of fuel once you are on the 500 calorie phase of the HCG Diet.
  5. It’s a great way to take the pressure off your organs so you can keep them strong during the weight loss phase.
  6. After detoxing your body’s internal organs, they can now do a better job of protecting your body from illness. Your body is able to absorb nutrients more effectively. If you use herbs during the detoxification process, you’ll experience a boost to your lymphatic system.
  7. Doing a detox beforehand can further improve weight loss result. Some dieters claim that when they do detox cleansing before starting the 500 calorie diet, they have much better weight loss results.
  8. A detox diet can help you enjoy your food more helping you suppress your need for carb and sugar
  9. It increases your awareness of the things you put inside your body. You’ll be eating healthy meals mindfully.
  10.  Improve the gut system by aiding the digestive process, reduce constipation and bloating.

How does the HCG Diet detox program work?

The HCG diet was developed by Dr. Simeons around the principle of clean eating. Although detoxification before the HCG diet was never mentioned in the book “Pounds and Inches”, some feel like body cleansing or detox can further improve weight loss result.

Detox must come first before you can finally begin with your HCG Diet. After the detoxification process, you may start with the loading phase followed by the weight loss phase and the maintenance phase. After completing the cycle, a short break between each round must be observed before you can proceed with another round.

What will happen if you begin with the HCG diet without detox?

Detox before doing the HCG Diet is actually not necessary but it’s a double-edge sword if you’ll do one. You’ve got nothing to lose anyway. You’ll be able to shed pounds doing the HCG diet but you’ll shed more if you detox first.


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