The BEFORE and DURING Tips for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

The BEFORE and DURING Tips for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is not all about losing weight. It is NOT a weight loss phase. Some dieters are still trying to lose weight during this phase and this is a very common mistake.  They start exercising too much or they will keep eating the 500 calories per day. To their disappointment, they only feel tired and fatigued. According to Dr. Simeons, trying to lose weight in this phase could be dangerous. You are actually burning your structural fats and not the abnormal fats. Your weight might go down to a pound on some days but this is because your weight is still unstable during this time. The main goal why you are doing phase 3 is to stabilize your weight. Here are some few tips on how to do the Phase 3 of the HCG Diet:

BEFORE starting Phase 3:

  • Prepare yourself fully for this phase. Read all the information that you need about phase 3.
  • Make a list of ALL the P3 foods and all the foods that you need to avoid while doing phase 3.
  • Keep track of your weight every day especially your last day weight.

DURING Phase 3:

  • Stick to the full 21 days. According to Dr. Simeons, it’s not only your body that is needed to be stabilized for 21 days. Your brain’s hypothalamus also needs time to reset. If you will not complete the 21 days protocol, you may find it hard to keep your weight off for good.
  • With NO exception, weight yourself every day. Keeping track of your weight is as important as the type of foods you choose. The goal of weighing every day is to make corrections if ever there is a fluctuation on your weight.
  • Keep your weight within the 2 pounds range. If you happen to keep it within the range, no changes are necessary. However, if your weight goes beyond the 2-pound range, you must right away do the “steak day”.
  • Track everything that you eat. Look out for foods that can make you gain weight.
  • Keep track of your calories. This will help you learn what foods you can eat and how much foods you can eat to maintain your weight in the long run.
  • Add one food at a time.
  • When eating out, ask good questions. Ask about the ingredients that they have used like glazing their steak with butter and sugar.


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