Reasons Why Sugar is Not Good on the HCG Diet

Reasons Why Sugar is Not Good on the HCG Diet

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate present naturally in some foods and drinks. It’s also added in some foods and drinks. Unlike those that naturally occurring, added sugars provide no nutritional value. Added sugars are a poor source of energy as the body digest them very quickly.

Today, over-consumption of sugar is the number one cause of obesity. It’s loaded into the majority of processed foods and even on unsuspecting places like sauces, bread, frozen fruits and salad dressings. Sugar contributes to a whole host of negative health effect that’s why you should avoid them even if you are off the diet.

Here are 6 reasons why you should avoid sugar:

  1. Sugar can cause insulin resistance, diabetes and weight gain

Your body can become insulin resistant when there is an excess amount of sugar in your blood. This stops your pancreas from doing its job properly which can lead to diabetes. Excess amount of insulin in the blood also signals your body to store fats which can lead to obesity. In addition, most sugary drinks and foods are high in calories. Too much consumption will only make you gain weight even with regular exercise.

  • Sugar is an empty calorie

Ice cream, cakes, pastries and soda are high-sugar foods that almost all people love to eat. However, all these are just empty calories with no nutrient value. If you eat a lot of these foods, you won’t be getting the right nutrient your body needs to stave off illness and diseases.

  • It’s addictive

Sugar is addictive that when you eat sugar-rich food it causes a dopamine release in the brain. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical, the same one that’s activated by prohibited drugs. In fact, sugar is not only addictive but even more rewarding and attractive to the brain, making it difficult for you to stop eating once you’ve started consuming them.

  • Sugar can cause cancer

Cancer loves sugar. High sugar intake increases your risk from colon cancer, breast cancer and other cancers. Sugar causes your body to produce excessive insulin which encourages the growth of cancer cells.

  • Sugar can make you age prematurely

Sugar can cause damages to collagen and elastin production which causes premature aging. It attaches to proteins in your bloodstream which results in an advanced glycation end product.

  • Sugar may increase your risk of heart disease

High sugar intake can lower the good cholesterol and increases the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your body which increases your risk of heart diseases.

How much sugar should you eat?

Cutting out all forms of sugar in your diet may seem next to impossible but at least try to do them especially when you are on the very low calorie diet. You may start incorporating back sugar slowly into your diet during phase 3 of the HCG Diet. The recommended amount of sugar for women must be less than 100 calories, that’s about 24 grams or 6 teaspoons. The recommended amount of sugar for men is 150 calories, about 36 grams or 9 teaspoons.

Stick with naturally occurring sugar like those found in fruits and vegetables. Sugar from these form won’t do damages to your body unlike the processed one.


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  • Kristen Rice

    Can I use aspartame sweetener such as Equal during the 2nd phase of the diet? It has zero calories.

  • Jan Marie Luna

    The protocol doesn’t allow aspartame. Even if it has zero calories, it is an artificial sweetener. During the HCG, natural foods are encouraged to help train our bodies to eat healthy. If you want a bit of flavor in your food, you can use Stevia instead. This is allowed in the HCG diet and is a natural sweetener – without the calories.

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