Yoyo Dieting Before the HCG Diet

Danielle’s basic stats:   

  • Starting weight: 223.5 pounds 
  • End weight: 163.2 pounds 
  • Total weight loss: 60.3 pounds 
  • Number of rounds: 2 long rounds 
  • Dress size: From size 16 to size 8 
  • Health issues: She has hypertension and heartburn. She’s prediabetic, and she’s at menopausal stage 

Danielle has always been chubby ever since she was a child. She’s been yoyo dieting. She used to be a chubby child but was thin in high school and yo-yoed again in college then to overweight. Through exercise and proper diet, she was able to keep the weight off throughout her high school life but then when she reached college, she gained all back. Danielle was able to lose quite a few weights after gaining them back during college. She’s tried low carb diets and juicing but was unable to keep her weight off for good due to an unstructured diet pan. She ended up again gaining all her weight back after more than a year.  

As time flies, Danielle’s continued to yo-yoed to her heaviest 223.5 pounds. Along with getting heavier and heavier, her health condition is not getting better. She once went on a cruise with her friends, after getting back and seeing how great her friends looked in the pictures, she decided she needed to take action. Danielle also observes that lately she often gets exhausted easily. Her blood pressure had also risen after she got back from the cruise.   

Danielle found out about the HCG Diet through one of her friends who successfully completed 2 rounds on the HCG Diet and has lost a great amount of weight in all the right places. After doing thorough research, she decided to get HCG Diet a try.  

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Her HCG Diet rounds 

Danielle was physically and mentally ready when she decided to do the HCG Diet. She has no issue on her first round, and she felt great all the time. She successfully did Phase 2 without any struggle by trying to stay motivated all the time. She closely monitored her success- her daily weigh-ins, what food she eats, what she used on her body-all following Dr. Simeons’s protocol. She watched videos and tried to get as much knowledge as she can to keep her motivated. She learned how to listen to her body. 

She lost an average of 30.15 pounds per round. On her first round, she ended up losing 33.5 pounds and she was amazed by how much she lost. She was surprised at how quickly the hormone works wonder on her body. On her second round, she lost 26.8 pounds in all the right places just like what her friends told her. She used 150ius and was very specific about her injection time and injection sites. She also followed the original protocol but experimented with her calorie intake. She increases her calories to 800 a day during her second round instead of the usual 500 calories but still managed to lose more weight on her second round. Danielle also made some modifications to her maintenance phase. Every day she added hard-boiled egg to her usual breakfast and had some home-made healthy low-carb cake, sugar-free cake.  She was confident going into the 3rd phase of the HCG Diet which she considers as the scariest among the phases because it’s when you go back to eating more foods. However, Danielle was a very regimented and organized person that she had everything printed out including the HCG Diet-friendly recipes which she looked up over the internet. According to her, the recipes were so easy to follow and very flavorful. The spices are so wonderful too.   

After her diet: 

Danielle’s blood pressure has become normal, and she thinks that HCG has balanced her hormones because she no longer experiences hot flushes. Her heartburn doesn’t bother her anymore. Portion control is not her kind of thing but when she transitioned from Phase 2 to the maintenance phase she found the portion sizes to be large. Her tips before doing the diet: 

  • Clean out your kitchen before doing the diet 
  • When buying for your protein option, buy it in bulk and portion it out before freezing it so you can easily grab them whenever you need them.  

Danielle was very thankful to her friend, who also served as her coach, for introducing the HCG Diet and for always there to guide her. She’s also very thankful to her supportive husband despite his busy schedule.  

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