You Cannot Outrun a Bad Diet

I am a fitness trainer, a professional one in fact. I am a runner too and I have joined countless marathons. I have been working in the fitness industry for more than a decade and I’ve seen them all. There are so many diets out there- from the popular Ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, Paleo diet to Mind diet, needless to say, I have tried many of them. I did lose some weight but just like anybody else, the weight comes back plus more. But I have never seen anything like the HCG Diet.

As the saying goes “you cannot outrun a bad diet”, that’s what had happened to me. Even though I am a professional fitness trainer and a runner, my bad diet has left me gaining more than 20 pounds. For over the last few years I have been putting weight slowly but I carried it well since I am tall. The additional pounds had finally caught up with me. My clothes were getting tight and literally, I have nothing to wear except for shirts. I had to wear my shirts over my blouse and skirts. I was feeling uncomfortable with my tummy and my bulging waistline. My legs would literally rub together when I run. All my bad diet-the night time snacks, milk teas with bread, and milky coffee were to blame. 20 pounds may not be that huge but for me, it’s a big deal. I have never experience having fat bulges on my tummy and waistline before. I was always physically fit and I very active.

I learned about the HCG Diet from another fitness trainer which I have met on one of the recent marathons. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. When I heard about what the diet has to offer I was like, “seriously”? I have been a fitness trainer for more than I decade and I have witness tons of diets but I have never encountered diet programs that will let you lose a pound or two in a day.

I did a research and it made sense to now. In the HCG Diet, you inject the hormone, the one from pregnant women (that means to say its all-natural) but in a very small amount plus you’ll have to eat only 500 calories a day for about two weeks. The hormone will help your body burn down unwanted fats by resetting your metabolism. These lead to burning around 2000 calories from the body’s fat reserves. What caught my interest too is the price. It’s very affordable. There’s no need to visit a weight loss clinic every week and when you purchase a month’s supply it comes with everything you need. I figured I’d give it a go.

In my first week, I lost 4.5 pounds and seriously I was never hungry at all. I have enough energy to keep me going despite I only eat 500 calories a day.  I guess the hormone really did great in burning down my reserve fats so my body can use it as an alternative source of energy. I just have to cut my exercise back, as instructed in the protocol, so I won’t feel weak at the end of the day. The eating plan was so easy to follow. There is no need for me to do some experiments in the kitchen as there are so many doable and delicious HCG diet recipes available online. At the end of round one, I have lost a total of 18 pounds. I was so glad that the fat on my tummy and waist no longer bulges. And when I run my legs no longer rub against each other.

The diet was a bit very untimely as I didn’t plan it so well. I could have lost more than 18 pounds should I’ve chosen a month when I didn’t have any social commitments. Luckily, I was so determined to lose weight even though I have attended around three social gatherings that involved foods. My trick was to eat at home right before leaving for the gatherings, so I wouldn’t be hungry. When it’s time to eat, I choose salad instead of the usual high-carb, high-fat foods. On occasions that involved wine, I asked for sparkling water instead. During my maintenance phase, I have started introducing different foods back and my exercise routines too.

Losing 18 pounds gave me the motivation to clean up my bad diet. It has been a month now since I’m off the diet. I’ve cut processed foods, fast foods, midnight snacks, and milk teas and bread for afternoon snacks. My clothes fitted perfectly. The best part with the HCG Diet, I felt so well. I felt lighter. I hadn’t realized how the extra weight was literally weighing me down. My weight loss tip, if nothing’s work for you, try the HCG Diet. Once you’ve shed the extra pounds, focus on becoming healthier. Find workouts that make you feel happy and that you find fun.  From time to time, don’t forget to reward yourself.

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