Me and My Wife have Lost 60 pounds Collectively in a Single Round

Me and My Wife have Lost 60 pounds Collectively in a Single Round

Me and My Wife have Lost 60 pounds Collectively in a Single Round

My name is Ben and here’s my story.

Me and my wife have lost 60 pounds collectively in a single round of HCG injection. Before I started the diet I was 235 pounds heavy. I have tried so many diets out there; have gone to the gym for years but always felt discouraged and hopeless before reaching my goal weight.

I learned about HCG diet from my sister. She’s done with her first round and has lost an amazing weight. I was impressed with her achievement. I knew I had to try it too. So I told my wife about it and we both decided to do the hcg diet as well. I have about 50 pounds to lose and my wife has about 60 plus to lose.

We both did some research and came across with your website. After reading the protocol we both agreed to wait for another week. We just wanted to be sure that we are really familiar with how the protocol works. Perhaps try some of the recipes offered on the site. We made our first order and we both go for the 46-day protocol since we have so much to lose. The kit arrived on time and in good condition. We are so thankful too for their customer service who has answered all our queries. They were very supportive.

The weight kept coming off faster. At the first week, I dropped down to 227 pounds and my wife dropped from 213 pounds to 221. At the end of round one, I went from a heavy 235 pounds to 207 pounds. I lost a total of 28 pounds. My wife also lost a total of 32 pounds. Not only that, I have lots of energy. I have never felt better since I am 28 pounds lighter now.  People in the office kept on asking me what I had done to lose so much weight. I told them I used HCG injections.

My clothes fit better now and I’m wearing a size 30 pants now. My wife went from a size 20 to a size 16-18. HCG diet truly is unbelievable. One vial of 5000 IU has so much power over fats. Anyone can do this diet!

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