The HCG Diet: A Saving Grace

The HCG Diet: A Saving Grace

Here is another inspiring story from an amazing woman with a huge weight loss problem.

Minda always thought that she takes after her dad’s side who easily gain weight simply by looking at a cookie. Her sister took after her mom’s side, tiny, yet can eat anything she wants. When Minda was in her 20s and early 30s, she was extremely attractive but when she got married and had 2 kids, her weight starts to creep up.

Over the years, Minda has tried every diet she could find. She has tried the South Beach, Jenny Craig, Weightwatchers, and McDougal system-you name them, she has tried everything she could find. She has also done colon cleansing, fasting and low-calorie diet but she says she lose weight and then gain them back plus more. Minda noticed that the more she restricts herself from eating the more she binged on the foods on her “do not eat” list. Sometimes, she will eat anything she loved to eat for one day and then go on a diet the next day. This type of dieting has been her constant cycle for years and was the reason why she ballooned up to 205 pounds. She was definitely out of shape and unattractive.

Minda was devastated by her situation that she sought the help of every known diet she encountered. To her dismay, nothing had worked for her. She tried almost everything, even the ones that had worked for her during her early 20s. She has tried limiting her sweet and fats intake but it’s not working. She tried doing a low-calorie diet as suggested by her sister-in-law but her weight comes off too slow. She was able to lose an average of 2 to 4 pounds only in a month. Another disadvantage of the low-calorie diet was it makes her very hungry, sluggish with little to no energy at the end of the day. Her husband suggested that she do a high-intensity interval training at the gym near their house. The thought of high-intensity training terrified her but still, she took the class. She went 3-4 times a week but her eating habits did not change. She thought she would burn her excess weight but still gaining. She thinks that her exercise was a waste of time.

One day, her cousin visited her place and commented that each year she kept on gaining more and more weight. It was also her cousin who told her about the HCG Diet. She was hesitant at first because she has never heard about it but she said she got nothing to lose. With the strict guidance of her cousin, Minda was able to complete two rounds of the HCG Diet. On her loading days, she’s able to feast on all the good stuff that she has been trying to hold off then switch to a low-calorie diet on the third day. This time with HCG in her system to help her manage her hunger and to burn those excess fats.

The HCG Diet was her saving grace. She lost 25 pounds during her first round and another 20 pounds on her second round. Minda was so glad that she made the right decision and thankful that with open arms, have found success while getting her eating habit back. She was also very grateful to her cousin who told her about the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet had not only helped her changed her body and mind but also her entire life. She no longer felt tired easily and her confidence is back. It has been a year after her last round and was able to keep her weight off. She’s now a regular at her gym class doing high-intensity training.


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