Struggling With Level of Exertion and Level of Perspiration Ratios

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Struggling With Level of Exertion and Level of Perspiration Ratios

As an active 43-year-old male, I was struggling with the level of exertion, and to level of perspiration ratios! That was 90 days ago. Today is the 40th day after finishing the HCG diet protocol. I weighed in at 92kg at the start of day 1. By the end of the diet, the figures were 75kg exactly.

That’s enough of the figures! I was totally over the moon with this but for several reasons, not just about the weight loss, I enjoyed the diet, and the food and in a demanding set of circumstances.

I had subconsciously identified that my previous slump into belly fat mode, had arisen due to the effects of fresh milk and cream, ice-cream-a-plenty, and masses of dairy products, stirred up with buckets of fresh ground coffee to get the energy I needed to complete my work.

So I reviewed a lot of background and different info from different online sources, on HCG meal planning, and how it could keep me adequately sustained whilst trying to pick the quietest time in the farming calendar to give me a fighting chance of success. 

With the support of my family, which is very important, I weighed out my protein meats, mainly fish, stir fry steak, and chicken, with occasionally some frozen shrimp as a variation, and set about finding how to make a salad interesting!

My secret was to cook the meats in a little water after reducing them to dry fresh garlic slices and onions – the meat flavors became intense, and I tended to serve them up hot on top of fresh cold salads of Iceberg, Baby leaf lettuce, & Spinach with which I would fill a large dinner-plate each meal, garnished with half a tomato chopped Himalayan pink salt, and apple cider vinegar – the contrasts and flavor levels were extremely satisfying. I discovered which Apples I liked best, and ate them along with fresh Oranges, Pineapple, and whenever I needed a boost. 

I said goodbye to coffee & tea and drank only water and tea, to this date I have not had a coffee, and only the occasional cup of normal tea, in my 40 days of new weight consolidation, I have re-introduced dairy in reduced quantities, and virtually excluded bread from my diet – now I feel great.

It was not all plain sailing, in the first week, whilst the body is in shock of suddenly having withdrawn, all the comfort food it previously relied on. I was a bit woozy and light-headed, for some periods of the day, early, late, or just after stopping activity, were the worst times for me. This was uncomfortable on a reducing level after about day 4 and gone by about day 10 and now I’m finished with the protocol. 

Thank you, HCG for an outstanding product, which does exactly what it claims if you are reading this looking for a diet that works give it a go you won’t be disappointed! – Lawrence

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Struggling With Level of Exertion and Level of Perspiration Ratios