65 Years Old Steven’s HCG Diet Journey

65 Years Old Steven’s HCG Diet Journey

I’m Steven, an ex-professional football player and an ex-college football coach. I am over 65 years of age.

I have always been a large person. My size was my edge as a professional athlete. From being a professional football player, I became a college football coach but after I retire from work and started living a sedentary life that I ballooned up to 420 pounds. My health condition is not good either. My blood sugar level and my blood pressure aren’t stable. I seek for a medical exam and that’s when the doctor told me about my blood sugar level is high.  I blamed everything on my weight. The only thing that can help me was for me to lose weight.

I exercised and I dieted but to no avail. I had given all hope of losing weight. There is no way for me to lose weight at my age and to be back to who I was. I was considering the thought of having a bariatric surgeon but a friend of mine told me about HCG Diet. I did a little research about his diet, read the protocol. I even find myself watching some of the videos about HCG diet on the internet. Without any hesitations, I embarked on the diet.

The diet was so easy for me. I did a total of 4 longer rounds and I lost 130 pounds in all. I was wearing a custom made shirt and pants but after 4 rounds I was astonished by the results HCG gave me. I stand 6’ in height and I am now wearing a comfortable XXL size shirt with a waistline of 54 inches. Before the HCG diet, my waistline was 71 inches and my shirts and pants are custom made.

The result HCG diet had given have been phenomenal and so with my lifestyle change. HCG diet had made me realized how sedentary my life is. I have never felt mentally and physically better. HCG diet has given me a new healthy life. My health is doing at its finest. I do not have to go and seeks bariatric surgery anymore just to rid of my excess weight. At the same time, I was able to save a lot. HCG works beyond wonder. So, if any of you seems hopeless in losing weight, try HCG diet. This diet will never fail you. Simply follow the protocol and all is well.


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