Started The Journey At My Heaviest

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Started The Journey At My Heaviest

I started my HCG diet journey weighing the heaviest I have ever been – 92kg. 

As I completed my postgraduate degree, I gained weight while working full-time and studying. I turned to junk food and wine to cope with stress and late-night assignments. I was constantly tired and felt down about my appearance. The idea of being asked out by a friend or family member was a total drag for me, as I didn’t own anything that fits. It wasn’t in my nature to go into stores and buy a much larger size, so I made up excuses and didn’t go. Having to do this came with its punishment, as I felt guilty about not being able to go out and comfortably eat.

On Mondays, I’d start a new diet, and by the weekend, or sometimes even earlier, I’d be back to junk and fast food! It was a tough first week. My biggest challenge was not hungered at first, but my mind. There is a little voice telling you to give up, buy a bar of chocolate, start after this holiday or weekend, or switch to another diet that you can eat more food on. There was only one problem: I had already tried all of those other diets. For a while, I did well, but then I thought ‘now that I’m skinny, I can eat anything I want!’ As a result, I gained a few calories back.

The little voice nearly convinced me to give up several times, but I told myself I would wait until the next morning to make my decision when I got on the scales or took my measurements. The voice seemed to be kept at bay by this. I always felt glad the next morning that I didn’t give up. I wasn’t too discouraged to even when the scales didn’t move much as it became about what I had already lost.

I am just about to finish my second round of HCG. I maintained my weight for 8 months, before embarking to lose a final lot of weight, and once again have seen amazing results. The weight loss has been slower than the first round, but I have lost inches more quickly. Being able to fit in those pants or dresses that I haven’t fitted in for years has made small losses on the scale insignificant.

Feeling better about myself was the main reason I started this diet. I am now 23kg lighter and down three dress sizes, I have certainly achieved that goal. I’d be lying if I said the comments and compliments from family, friends, and colleagues haven’t also helped keep me on track! Additionally, my partner proposed and I can’t wait to start trying on dresses and walk down that aisle, because I feel good about myself!

The HCG diet has not only helped me to look and feel great, but it has also changed my way of thinking about food. I no longer want processed food or crave sugar and salt. Of course, I know there will be times when I will indulge but the difference, this time, is, I know I am no longer controlled by these foods. – Elsy, UK


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Started The Journey At My Heaviest