Proud To Lose 35 Lbs on the HCG Diet

Proud To Lose 35 Lbs on the HCG Diet

Proud To Lose 35 Lbs on the HCG Diet

My name is Danica and I am 33 years old. I have tried every weight loss program out there but nothing works like HCG Diet. I am very proud to say that I have lost 35 pounds with this program.

I have been thin my whole life but when I got pregnant and have my son I gained so much weight. I was kind of sedentary during that time so I ended up gaining more than 30 pounds. After my son was born, I lost 10 pounds and I felt good about it since I am a new mom. Days after my son turned 1 I looked at the pictures of myself and I couldn’t believe I’ve gotten this big. I felt so sad and sorry for letting this happen so I decided to start my journey with weight loss. I have tried taking diet pills and detoxes but they are not working. I have even tried watching closely with what I eat but it’s not doing anything for me. I haven’t tried doing exercise because I hate the idea about it simply because I am a stay at home mom.

It was actually my mom who started doing HCG Diet and she lost so much weight. So I gave it a try since me and my whole family will be going on a beach vacation. I wanted to be in a bikini and I wanted to look good in it. I also wanted to be in the picture instead of being behind the camera all the time.

When I did HCG Diet I have my sister and cousin to do the diet with me and they have seen the same result. This is the best and the easiest diet ever and I am so thankful that I found HCG Diet. I am definitely going to recommend HCG Diet to anyone who wants to lose weight.  I have so much energy now and I feel much better about myself. I have more confidence than ever. I am currently on my maintenance phase and I do not find any trouble stabilizing my weight. I simply follow the protocol and everything is on the right track. Everything is doing well. I am planning to do another round but I’ll wait until the holiday is done. It will just be in time for another beach vacation where I can now wear bikinis without feeling skimpy on it.

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