My Walk of Shame

My Walk of Shame

My Walk of Shame

Having to go through the “walk of shame” at Six Flags was Audrey’s wake-up call to losing weight.

Here is her story:

My name is Audrey, 23 years old, weighing a heavy 240 plus pounds, and have gone through the walk of shame like anybody else. I found that as years go by pounds are adding up and my unhappiness growing. But I couldn’t find a better reason to overhaul my life until I went to Six Flags for a trip with my friends. What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into a horrible day for me and I swear I would never ever forget that awful day.

We were at a coaster ride when the attendant told me that I’m too fat to fit into the coaster’s seat but I insisted. As I got in, the lap bar came down fine. But the thing is, I couldn’t even get the seat belt to reach the connecting side.  Everyone was staring at me and then the male attendant came back and told me that they can’t let me ride without the seat-belt.  I have no choice but to step out. I made my way through the exit while my friends were calling out my name convincing me to stay, but I was so embarrassed. I was horrified and so I left the park. I cried my whole way back to the hotel room. It was the worst feeling ever and I will never forget my walk of shame that day.

After that incident, my unhappiness continued to grow. The mental blow has derailed me entirely for a while but one day, I just thought I want to live a normal life. I want to do things that normal people can do and enjoy doing them. I want a long, happy life, get married, and have children. So, I decided that I would try a few, small changes. As the saying goes, “One small step, one small act will create a big ripple”. That walk of shame was my wake-up call, my “better reason” to start overhauling my life.

I started walking every morning for at least half an hour in our neighborhood and have started eating fruits and fewer carbohydrates. I have made a new commitment to walking and jogging and eating healthier food choices with high hopes of letting the pounds flew away naturally. It has been my regular routine for three long months and in the three-long months, I have lost less than 10 pounds. I decided to use workout videos designed for fat people like me but the stubborn fats refuse to shed. I have tried upgrading my work-out into high-intensity cardio but still, I would lose a little only.

My sister has introduced me to Weight Watchers but the program was too costly since I opted to avail all the program offerings including their prepackaged food. Though it has positive attributes, for me this program can be a bit tedious as I have to count points. Another thing is, there are no forbidden foods which I think can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. I doubt Weight Watchers can help me make a healthy, life-long change.

Then I switched into the HCG Diet. I was doing the HCG diet for a week, and I was so unbelievably happy when I started to feel and see results. My sister couldn’t believe what she was seeing, so she decided to support me as I was so desperate to feel like myself again and not having to go through the walk of shame ever again. I have avoided weighing during the entire protocol as I was afraid to look at the scale but I remained committed to the rest of the process. On my last day of weigh-ins, I was shocked to see the numbers on the scale went down by 24 pounds. This diet is really something big. I did another round right after the first round as I can’t wait to go back to Six Flags to have a ride on the unforgettable coaster. At the end of the second round, I lost an additional 22 pounds that put my weight to a lighter 194 pounds. I can’t believe that with only 500 calories a day, I was still able to have enough energy to work. Though the foods were getting a little bit boring, the HCG Diet was very effective in shedding unwanted fats.

What’s amazing about this diet- I can shed pounds naturally on all the right places without compromising my muscle mass. No sweat and no pain. I was actually never hungry during the two rounds which surprised me. I am now on my third round maintenance phase and I have lost another 20 plus pounds. I have made a new commitment to jogging and running again. The HCG Diet did great in overhauling back my life. I can’t wait to take the coaster ride at Six Flags.

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