My Pants Don’t Fit Anymore

My Pants Don’t Fit Anymore

I am currently on my 24th day of 500 calorie diet and I am down 19.2 pounds with HCG injections. I started at 218 pounds and have gained 2.1 pounds from loading. So I’m sitting at 220.1 pounds when I stepped on the scale just this morning. I got a bit frustrated thinking that I would look different with much of my weight melting away. I just kept on reminding myself that I’ve got so much to lose. Anyway, I don’t expect those years of fat deposits to go away that fast.

My usual routine in the morning is a bit hectic. After getting up from the bed I have to rush and get ready for work. I just threw my hair in a bun without looking at the mirror. I took my injection and bolted out the door. The parking area is a bit far from the building so I still have to take a long walk. On my walk going to the building, I have to pull my pants back up several times! When I got inside I set my things down on my desk and noticed that my pants are long. I realized that the band is sitting much lower than before. So I need to pull it up again and headed right away to the restroom. When I checked myself in front of the mirror-my pants doesn’t fit anymore!

I was ashamed of how ridiculous I looked on my big pants but my coworker complimented me. Weeks ago the pants would fit me but now I look awful in my big pants. I looked like a mess the whole day but a THINNER mess. HCG really works! I love it!

I guess I would need a big box where I can start placing clothes that no longer fit me. This pant would be the first one to get in the box. I will not only continue to order from you but I would definitely continue to recommend HCG injections to anyone who wanted to lose weight. HCG diet is the best diet program ever!


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