My HCG Diet Vegetarian Journey to Wellness

My HCG Diet Vegetarian Journey to Wellness

My HCG Diet Vegetarian Journey to Wellness

I grew up on standard meat and dairy-based meals like what most people eat today. By the time I reached 14, I had developed exercise-induced asthma making it hard difficult for me to exercise. I can clearly remember the day when I was rushed into the school’s clinic after our physical education class. I felt sick several times a year after that incident. My vision got worse, so I have to wear contacts. By the age of 20, I was struggling with my weight. I became obsessed with calorie restrictions without having much knowledge about it. I would run for an hour a day to accelerate my weight loss, which I did but gained everything back. My appetite increases and my body hang on to fat. This leads me to gain much weight.

Weight gain after pregnancy

At age 22, I have started following the vegetarian diet. In just a year, my weight loss was visible. Things went well until I got married and have a daughter at age 26. I became quite busy since then. Multitasking things took on a totally new meaning.  I was up every two hours, constantly bouncing around, moving through night and day. Losing weight wasn’t on my list because I was more interested in taking care of my daughter Margot, and getting more sleep. I never cared for how I look. I started eating very unhealthy stuff. I was never conscious about eating excess carbs and sugar or drinking at least two cans of soda a day to keep me energized. Things went out of control for more than a year without me realizing that I have put more weight. One day my sister came home for a summer vacation together with her two kids. She was shocked when she saw me and frankly told me that I still look pregnant.

Back to being a vegetarian

I was back on being a vegetarian for the whole summer. I have started eating mindfully avoiding all the unhealthy carbs and sugar. I have shed a few pounds but it took ages for me to see results. I have tried combining a vegetarian diet and taking diet pills but the results I’m seeing were still the same. Then my sister told me about the HCG diet but she wasn’t sure whether vegetarian can do the HCG Diet thing. So, we did a research and voila, we saw the HCG Diet for vegans and vegetarian.

The HCG diet for vegetarian

The HCG Diet protocol for vegetarians is the same as the normal HCG Diet. The only differences are the food choices. Vegetarians, like I always do, should replace the meat option for lean proteins like eggs, lean vegan burger, tofu, and many other protein substitutes. The rest of the protocols are just the same. The HCG diet for vegetarian goes through the same phases and follows the same calorie restrictions.

1 Round = 18 pounds weight loss

After making a thorough research and without hesitation I took the plunge. I was glad that I did because the HCG Diet has helped me get back to my before pregnancy weight. HCG injections along with the calorie restriction really did great tricks on my belly fats. I no longer look pregnant. I have learned how to cut back on sweet desserts and soda and I’m now stuck to water, tea, and some fruit juices.

Here’s what I usually have for my meals:

Breakfast: I prefer coffee for breakfast with a tablespoon of milk sweetened with Stevia.

Lunch: 1 vegetable serving, 1 fruit, 1 Melba toast or a Grissini stick, and 100 grams of lean protein. For eggs, 1 serving is equal to 3 egg whites, and 1 whole egg

Dinner: 1 vegetable serving, 1 fruit, 1 Melba toast or a Grissini stick and 100 grams of lean protein like cottage cheese but cottage must be used sparingly as it can cause weight loss stall

Other protein options for vegetarian

  • Protein shakes: It’s one of the fastest options for protein. I usually make protein shakes when I got my hands full. 1 serving can make me feel full until the next meal.
  • Tofu: One of my favorite protein options. 1 serving is 100 grams.

My advice

There’s hope whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian like me. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you’ll be forever healthy. When you binge eat on the wrong foods, you will definitely gain weight but don’t lose hope because you have the HCG Diet to count on.


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