My Awesome Experience with the HCG Diet

My Awesome Experience with the HCG Diet

My Awesome Experience with the HCG Diet

My name is Calsea and I am writing because I wanted to share with everyone about my awesome experience with HCG Diet.

Among all known diet programs available on this planet, the HCG diet was the easiest diet to stay on ever! NO sweat, NO aches and NO pains! The first 3 days of the super low calories diet though were tough but once you’ve got used with the routine, everything will be fine.

I have lost 25 pounds in such a short amount of time- 6 weeks. Each morning I woke up and have my daily weigh-ins, I see the numbers go 1 to 2 pounds down and it’s the best feeling ever. On my first round, I went from 185 pounds to 160 pounds and I can’t believe such diet program exists. I wish I have met HCG Diet ages ago. Maybe by now while writing this one, I would be sitting by the poolside wearing my favorite bikini.

For the past 3 years, I have gained a lot of weight and I felt so miserable about it. I used to weight around 120 to 130 pounds only and wearing a dress size 8 – 10 only but not now. 185 pounds was my heaviest so far. Size 16 was my biggest and I felt like I am a sausage in between a bun when I wear my old clothes. So I had to buy new ones and I really didn’t like myself at all. It affected every part of my life and I became so miserable.

Now I feel great. I went from size 16 to size 12 and I am about to start with my second round. I still have more to lose. Hopefully, I can lose another 20 to 25 pounds for this round and another 25 pounds on my third round. My goal weight is to go back to the 120 to 130 pounds and I have been telling everyone about this program that I am in.

HCG diet is not just a plain diet that makes you lose weight in the beginning and gain it all back once you stop. HCG diet taught me the “habit” of eating right and not cheating. I am a soda addict but now I have given soda up for water, coffee and tea. It works and I will continue using HCG Diet to keep my weight off to look good and feel great.

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