More Than 100 Pounds to Lose

More Than 100 Pounds to Lose

More Than 100 Pounds to Lose

I am a dialysis caregiver for more than 10 years already. I have seen lots and lots of obese patients who undergo dialysis every week. But I have this one particular friend of mine with the most heart-warming story. Her name is Rea. She needs to lose more than 100 pounds, nothing else worked for her except for the surgery. She is obese, she’s diabetic and her kidney starts to fail though she is still in the early reversible stage.

I have witnessed how she has lost a considerable amount of weight. I have seen how the diet affects not only her shape but as well as her health. I have watched how her health improved with this particular diet, well better than my own. Her condition has not only fully reversed. She has also stopped taking her medications for her condition because she no longer needs them. Her condition is no longer uncontrollable. I was really astonished by the result. At the same time, I became so curious about what kind of diet she has been doing that causes not only her body to get back in shape but also her health condition to be back to normal.

She proudly told me about her diet. She has been doing the HCG Diet! She said that there must be something out there that can help with her condition aside from having a surgery. Surgery was way too costly for her. She has learned about the HCG Diet from one of the obese patients in the hospital.  At first, she was skeptical about the said diet but she had no other option because nothing else worked for her and her kidney is at stake. She was too happy she tried doing the HCG Diet. HCG Diet was so easy to follow. She didn’t only lose weight but she also loses all her unhealthy lifestyles. HCG Diet changes her overall lifestyle. It taught her how to eat healthily and how to eat properly.

I have just received my very own parcel of HCG injections on my doorstep and I am about to start the first round of the diet. Recently, I have gained about 60 plus pounds from having to quit some of my vices because I need to undergo a surgery. I know that with a round or two of the HCG Diet, losing those 60 plus pounds can be very easy.

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