Metabolic Age of 70+

Metabolic Age of 70+

Metabolic Age of 70+

Here’s another inspiring story from an on-the-go mom:

“Before my weight loss, I can say that my metabolic age was that of a 65+ old woman rather than 42. Now, after losing 32 pounds, I feel like I’m 5 years younger than my actual age”, Linda.

Here is her story:

Lipotropic injection + exercise

I started using Lipotropic B12 shots just this mid-February along with some exercise I was hoping that I could lose a couple of pounds before summer comes, and I was hoping too for my everyday knee pain and fatigue to go away. I did lose a couple of pounds after a month of using Lipo shots+ exercise but just wasn’t fast enough. Not fast enough too for my knee pain to go away.

I decided to continue using the Lipo shot along with some outdoor exercises like biking and jogging but then came the outbreak. Everyone’s not allowed to go out except for some essentials like grocery shopping. No school and there’s the work from home setup so everyone is present at home. Food is more readily available since then. I have stopped using the shot and have to stop exercising as well. A month after, I have yo-yoed back to my original weight plus some extra pounds more. My knee pain was getting worse and I felt so tired on the littlest task. I felt miserable about myself and with the current situation.

The HCG Diet

I’ve come to know the HCG Diet while I was looking for a diet that’s perfect during the outbreak. I came across many but what caught my attention was the HCG diet. I have heard of this diet before. I have seen ads and flyers promoting this “safe and effective” diet, but I was never interested at all.

When I came across the “HCG Diet” again, I got curious. I was wondering what it was, how it works and how much weight can I lose. During my readings, I have learned that this so-called “safe and effective” diet promises a rapid weight loss in just a short amount of time. The HCG Diet is composed of different phases. The loading phase, weight loss phase, and the maintenance phase. During the weight loss phase, you are allowed to eat only 500 calories a day along with having your daily dose of the HCG hormone. On the maintenance phase, you stop having your shot at the same time you increase your calorie intake to at least 1500 calories a day. For the last two phases, you are only allowed to eat the approved HCG diet foods, nothing more. There are also tons of recipes available online that I can try for myself and my family.

I have read numerous positive testimonials from many successful HCG dieters. What’s great about the HCG diet is that I can still incorporate the Lipotropic B12 injection every week to boost my weight loss on top of the daily HCG injections.


HCG Diet + Lipotropic injection

The next thing I knew I was ordering online for a month’s kit and when my order arrived I started right away. The diet was so easy to follow. I kind of find it hard during the first few days of the 500 calorie phase. After some time, I guess my body has just got used to the low-calorie intake. I have used the HCG injections along with a weekly shot of lipotropic injection for an accelerated weight loss. After doing the HCG diet for one round, I lost 23 pounds. I’m now halfway through my second round and currently, I have lost a total of 32 pounds.

I love the extra energy boost I get from doing the HCG Diet and having Lipo injection weekly. I feel like I am back to my self now. I have more energy and I could really say that my metabolic rate has improved. The HCG and Lipo shots have had improved my mood. It gave me the extra oomph I need to be an on the go mom despite the pandemic. I am seeing greater weight loss on the scale compared with simply using the Lipo shot and exercise alone. With the HCG diet, I can still lose weight even without exercise. The steady weight loss encourages me more to continue the diet and stick with the protocol despite the outbreak.


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