Melvin Loss 70.5lbs Doing 3 Rounds of the HCG Diet

Melvin Loss 70.5lbs Doing 3 Rounds of the HCG Diet

Melvin Loss 70.5lbs Doing 3 Rounds of the HCG Diet

Here is another story from a heavy-weight nurse who witnessed her sister die from heart failure due to organ complication brought by being severely overweight.

Melvin, a heavy-weight has been working at this particular pediatric clinic that he wanted to keep it anonymous. He witnessed how her sister suffered from a stroke, heart failure and eventually died from heart attack all because of being severely obese. At 5’9, Melvin weight 300 pounds. He soon realizes that unlike her sister, he had a choice to make when it comes to his health while her sister didn’t and it was too late then.

How he ended up at his current weight

Growing up, Melvin enjoyed comfort foods during family gatherings and celebrations. He was this kind of chubby kid in his class bullied by some other kids for looking like a teddy bear.

He soon realizes foods make him feel good, school canteens, fast foods, and restaurants are his haven especially when he was bullied and when he was stressed. His typical mealtime routine involves stopping by three fast-food restaurants. In the morning on his way to work, Melvin would pass by a drive-thru to grab some coffee and doughnuts for breakfast or some pancakes, waffles or egg sandwich muffins. At lunch, he would leave the clinic again with other nurses to grab some lunch at their favorite fast food. To satisfy his cravings, he would then grab some foods again for dinner or eat out totaling over 6000 calories a day for over a decade.

His realization

At 300 pounds, he knew that his relationship with foods was unhealthy. He realizes that he couldn’t stand up for 10 minutes straight and he needed to sit right after 10 minutes of standing or walking. He couldn’t move faster too unlike before. He would often run out of breath after walking for a few meters. He started experiencing some palpitation along with running short of breath and he knew something is going wrong but still, he runs into foods for comfort. He came to his senses when her sister died. He realized that unlike his sister, he can do so much for his weight.


Looking for the right diet

Melvin finds it tough to look for the right diet that would fit his lifestyle and his pocket. He dedicated himself to three months of exercise and diet. He focused on eating healthy foods with like lean meat, chicken breast, veggie salads with some carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.

Things had worked for him. However, due to his work, there are times that he missed doing some workouts so he stopped. All his efforts from working and dieting out for 3 months went down to zero for he has gained all the weight back after stopping the diet and exercise.

His next target weight loss plan was a Ketogenic diet and he did the Ketogenic diet for 2 months with minimal success. Along with losing unwanted fats he also lost muscles as well. During his diet, he abstained himself from eating carbohydrates and sugar while he increased his protein intakes. He couldn’t believe that he was able to survive that long. Another downside of this diet was he always felt hungry as his body is used with high sugar and carb intake. He also experiences carb and sugar withdrawals for a couple of days during the first month. His relationship with food is really keeping him from reaching his weight loss goal.

Melvin also tried intermittent fasting focusing on eating lean protein, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables for a few months. He had lost a couple of pounds but what he lost was a combination of abnormal fats and muscles.

On finding HCG Diet

Melvin eventually finds the HCG diet and he literally lost one step at a time. He threw out his unhealthy eating habits and committed to eating only healthy meals at the right amount and at the right time. He learned about the HCG diet through thorough research from the internet. He came across HCG Diet but he wasn’t convinced what he was reading and he finds it truly unrealistic. Losing at least a pound each day was too good to be true.

He then kept on researching and found out that HCG diet protocol was so impressive that diet physicians and licensed nutritionist from around the world recommend the use of the hormone to hopeless obese and severely overweight people to lose weight.

The amazing result of the HCG Diet

HCG Diet promises an amazing weight loss result if perfectly executed. The entire protocol relies on using the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone daily while eating a low-calorie diet of 500 calories a day. He learned that the use of HCG along with eating 500 calories a day will help him lose weight drastically by stimulating the metabolic cycle of his body so it would run on stored fats and not muscle mass as a source of fuel while feeling satisfied.

HCG diet had helped him get to the size that he is confident in. In just a year he was able to do three long rounds with breaks in between and lose an average of 23.5 pounds on each round. Melvin was able to lose a total of 70.5 pounds doing 3 rounds of the HCG Diet. His end weight was 229.5 pounds. What’s amazing with the HCG Diet? During his entire dieting period, he never felt hungry even with so few calories. Melvin was shocked with how HCG Diet works and he loved what it does to his body. Losing weight has transformed more than his look but his whole personality. His perception of foods totally changes too. Foods for him before were his source of comfort but now a source of nourishment.

Melvin’s HCG Diet weight loss tips

One thing that he worries about was how to keep his weight off for good after the HCG Diet and he only has one advice and that is to keep away from his old habits.

As much as you can, follow strictly the protocol. If you find your foods to be boring there are several HCG Diet-friendly recipes available online that you can follow and experiment with.

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