Lost 97.2 pounds with 4 Rounds of HCG Diet

Lost 97.2 pounds with 4 Rounds of HCG Diet

Lost 97.2 pounds with 4 Rounds of HCG Diet

Lima’s Story can be just like yours.

Lima considered herself a “chunky”. She has tried other diets and has lost weight. But she would end up taking steroids again for her eczema. Her turning point was when she refused to ask for an extra seat belt on a plane.

Starting weight: 286 pounds

Health Issue: taking steroids for years due to eczema

Number of rounds: 4

Lima has a skin condition called eczema and she has been taking steroids for years which caused her to gain weight. She has tried doing known diets before and has lost weight. But she ended up taking steroids again because of her eczema. This caused her to gain the weight back but this time doubling it up. She admits that she’s a “chunky”. But she hadn’t actually realized how big she was. She came to the realization that she needs to lose weight for real when she traveled to Washington with her sister. She had to release the plane’s seat belt all the way to the end in order to buckle herself up because she refused to ask for one. While fighting her tears back she made a promise to herself that when she will return home, she’ll be as small as possible.

Her cousin was the one who introduced to her the HCG diet. She was skeptical because she hadn’t seen actual results yet but she’s positive that with HCG diet she can lose a lot of weight.  She searched the internet and found hcg-injections.com. She read everything and she was amazed by what HCG diet has to offer. She got her kit on time and she was glad about it.

Loading days

Day 1 weight: 281 pounds

Lima did load properly. Her foods were mostly high in FATS. Each day she consumed around 2500-3000 calories.

Phase 2

Morning of day 3- the very low calorie diet, her official weight was 286 pounds. She gained 5 pounds from her loading days.

End of ROUND 1

After Lima’s first round with HCG diet, she lost 28 pounds but she didn’t notice a difference in her body. She was so upset about having to diet.

End of ROUND 4

After her fourth round, she lost an amazing 97.2 pounds! Not only that, she no longer has to be on steroid that much.

End weight: 189.8 pounds

HCG diet is truly a life saver for Lima. It’s a life changer for her family and friends as well.


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