Lost 91 Pounds in 3 Rounds of HCG Injections

HCG diet is by far the best diet that I’ve ever tried. And by any stretch of the imagination, this diet was not easy. I mean who can survive with only 500 calories a day??? But HCG diet has taught me a lot. It has changed the way I think about foods. I’m proud to tell anybody that food no longer controls me.

I have always been a big fat girl. I love foods. I am a sweet fanatics and I have no control over them. My self-esteem was low because of my weight. I came across HCG diet through a friend who has lost quite a good amount of weight.  I was extremely thankful that she introduced to me this diet. Honestly, I have tried taking diet pills and shake. I have tried working out in the gym till I am exhausted but I only lost a pound or two each month. But when I found HCG diet I was determined to give it my all.

When I’ve read the hcg diet protocol I was “No way” I don’t think I can do this. So I came up with a plan. I have tried some of the foods in the recipe and list those that I like. This will help me as I go through the diet.

Initial weight: 253 pounds

Weight loss per round

Round 1: 30 pounds

Round 2: 29 pounds

Round 3: 32 pounds

End weight: 162 pounds

After 3 rounds of HCG injections, I lost 91 pounds. I couldn’t believe it either but here I am a definitely healthier me. As I’ve mentioned, the diet wasn’t that easy. The withdrawal symptom was no joke. I have craved for the foods that I always eat. But after a week everything seems fine. My headache went away. Whenever I craved for sweets I eat fruits instead with some Truvia.  The good part too, I don’t feel any hunger. I think my dose was just right about 125 IU per shot. One important thing this diet has taught me was to eat healthily. I don’t drink sodas anymore nor do I crave for sweet treats.

After round 1 everyone around me noticed some difference in me. After round 3, my co-workers kept asking me where I disappeared too. I am loving life now. I owe everything to HCG diet. It’s not just a weight loss program. This diet will teach you how to eat healthily.



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