Lost 56.71lbs in Just 3 Rounds of The HCG Diet

Lost 56.71lbs in Just 3 Rounds of The HCG Diet

Lost 56.71lbs in Just 3 Rounds of The HCG Diet

Here is another story from Mary who lost a “Phenomenal Weight” in just 3 rounds of HCG Diet.

Here is her vital:

  • Starting weight: 206.5 pounds
  • Ending weight: 150 pounds
  • Number of rounds: 3
  • Total weight loss with HCG injection: 56.71 pounds
  • She was able to lose weight and she was able to keep it off for 8 months now

Mary had achieved a phenomenal weight loss when she decided to undertake HCG Diet. She was really an overweight and she knew she needed help. She blamed everything, her being overweight, her not so really normal pressure to her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). She blamed PCOS for her inability to conceive a child despite being married for almost 10 years.

When she seeks for medical assistance, her doctor has diagnosed her with PCOS and hers was a serious condition. Her body’s insulin does not work properly. That’s why she keeps on gaining weight and she finds it hard to lose the weight she’s gaining. She also knew that she is at high risk from the complications PCOS can bring.

Her doctor told her that aside from the medications she’s taking to cut her risk from many diseases due to PCOS is to lose weight. Shedding at least 10% of her weight will help her improve her insulin sensitivity and will help her bring her periods back to normal. She was told to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, eat only this and that, avoid smoking and a lot more of do’s and don’ts.

Despite all her efforts, she only lost 2% of her total weight in 5 months and when she stopped she gained everything back. She felt depressed with the results because she wasn’t expecting to gain the weight back after losing them. Then she tried the HCG Diet which was recommended by one of her friends. She starts losing one to two pounds a day and she was really impressed with the results. After one round doing the diet, she lost so much that she became elated with her new figure. At the end of the 3rd round, her body’s function at its optimum level and her metabolism were redefined. She felt great about the result HCG Diet is giving her. She was very hopeful that her insulin levels be back to normal since she lost more than just 10% of her weight.


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