Lost 51 Pounds on the HCG Diet at Age 56

Lost 51 Pounds on the HCG Diet at Age 56

Lost 51 Pounds on the HCG Diet at Age 56

I am proud and happy to say that HCG diet has changed my life. I have done 2 rounds and I am down to 179 pounds from a very heavy 230 pounds! I am already 56 and I absolutely love that finally, I am able to lose weight. I have tried so many diet plans out there for many years. But none have worked until I tried HCG injections.

I heard about HCG from my older daughter, also an overweight like me. When I searched the internet I came across your website. I was so amazed at the cost of your product and the discounts that you offer compared with other HCG websites. When I ordered my kit the delivery was easy and fast. And by the way, your customer service was great too. Since it was my first time to do the diet I have a lot of questions in my mind. I’m so grateful for your customer service for giving me a quick answer regarding my queries. They are indeed reliable.

When I started the diet I lose weight so quickly. With other diet plans, it takes me about a month or two to drop even a pound. But with HCG, I lost 8 pounds in just 10 days. After round 1 I lost 26 pounds! Everyone was so amazed at my weight loss. They asked me how I was able to lose an amazing amount of weight. I have told them about the product and how it has helped me change my life. My blood pressure level, blood sugar and cholesterol levels have all improved. Last day I went shopping for new clothes. I also bought a new bathing suit that I can use after I hit my goal weight.

On my second round, I drop another 25 pounds. They just came off naturally and I felt no hunger. I wish I had come across HCG diet years ago. So that by now I would actually be sitting next to my granddaughter along the poolside wearing my favorite bathing suit.

Thank you for giving my life back. Some of my friends at the office are doing the diet now and some of them will be ordering too.

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