I Lost 47lbs in Just Two Rounds of the HCG Diet.

I Lost 47lbs in Just Two Rounds of the HCG Diet.

Before I started the HCG Diet, I was 237 pounds. I learned about it from my sister who has been through her second cycle. A first she didn’t tell me about it. I only noticed that she has lost a great amount of weight and I was so impressed with it. The last time I saw her she was such a biggie but when I saw her just recently I became the biggie this time. I know she has been dieting all her life, well both of us actually but I didn’t exactly sure which among her many diet programs causes her to lose more weight.

When I asked her she told me she was doing the HCG Diet and she has been injecting the hormone for quite some time now. I have heard about this diet in a television before but I have just totally forgotten about it. When I saw my sister and what the diet did to her body I realized everything was true indeed.

Determined to lose weight like her I ordered for my first round. I’ve read the protocol by heart over the internet. I have talked with my sister and have asked her for some tips then the following day I started with my diet right away.

After the first three weeks doing the HCG Diet, I drop 18 pounds and it was so unbelievable. From 237 pounds I went down to 211 pounds. I continue with another round and I lost another 29 pounds. I lost a total of 47 pounds in just two round of the HCG Diet. I went down to 189 pounds. My goal weight is to lose some 15-20 pounds more.

I felt lighter with my weight and I can move faster. I have more energy than before and I never felt even better as I am no longer carrying 47 pounds anymore. I do not have to prop my feet up anymore just to tie my shoelace. My clothes are getting bigger now and I need to go and shop for smaller clothes this time. The thought of shopping for nice smaller dresses makes me very excited. I think with another round of the HCG Diet I could already shop for a bathing suit which I haven’t done for ages. HCG Diet is oh so true. I haven’t encountered any problems, just follow the protocol and you will definitely lose those pounds and inches away.


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