Demi Lost lost 43 pounds in just 2 rounds of HCG Injections

Here is another story to inspire you. Demi was surprised how HCG diet works. She’s been to all sort of traditional diet but she failed.

Here’s her basic stat:

Her goal weight: to lose about 70 pounds

Target Date: about a year or two

Initial weight: 227 pounds

Total weight lost to date: 43 pounds

Number of rounds: 2 rounds of 46 day protocol

Demi has been to all sort of traditional diet. She tried doing South Beach, Atkins and Weight Watchers but none of them worked for her. She started using HCG injection last year and she was surprised with the result. She has lost 43 pounds. She heard about HCG diet from a friend and she can’t believe what she heard. She never encountered such diet program in her entire life that works so fast.

Before she begins with the diet she set her goal weight. She wanted to lose about 70 pounds within a year or two. But she never expected to lose so much in a very short time. When she saw her “own result” she was amazed. The combination of very low calorie diet and the hormone works so well. Her weight naturally keeps coming off without feeling nauseated or looking like she’s sick from being hungry.

In just 2 rounds she lost 43 pounds and she felt so much better now. She never had anything before that work that fast and easy as HCG injections. She doesn’t have to leave the house to have her weigh-ins nor held other people responsible for her failure. HCG diet has taught her a lot from how to eat healthily and how to control her cravings.

She’s on her third round now in achieving her goal weight. She still has 30 pounds more to lose. She’s positive that she can achieve her goal in a single round as long as she will strictly stick with the protocol. She told lots of her friends about the good news and will continue to do so. HCG injection really, really works! She’s glad that she found hcg injections shop.


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