From 183.5lbs, I lost a total of 33.9 pounds in 2 Rounds of HCG injection


Day 1 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I started having my HCG shot. My starting weight is 183.5 pounds. I’ve gained 1.5 pounds from my 2 loading days. My gorging days was fine- I fed well on high-fat foods.

Day 2 of Very Low Calorie Diet

Got on the scale early in the morning- the number shows 181.3 pounds.

Day 10 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I’m down to 174.8 pounds after 10 days.  From day 3 to day 9 I didn’t weight myself. It’s not because I forgot to weigh in…it’s because I intentionally did not want to. I want to find out if the hormone really works.

Day 12 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I weigh 173.3 pounds. I used my sweatpants right after and when I take it off it went down to 172.8 pounds.

Day 14 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I cheated…I exceeded the allotted 500 calories per day. Yesterday I weighed 171.3 pounds, lost about 1.5 pounds. Today I weigh 170.3 pounds.

Day 15 of Very Low Calorie Diet

Today’s weight after cheating yesterday, 170.8 pounds – went down by half a pound only.

Day 16 of Very Low Calorie Diet

170.8 pounds

Day 17 of Very Low Calorie Diet

Still, 170.8 pounds-got stuck. It’s due to cheating. We went out, I was supposed to have salads only but I ended up eating fries, burger and ice creams.

Day 18 of Very Low Calorie Diet

171.3 pounds- I did a stall breaker. I had apples the whole day.

Day 19 of Very Low Calorie Diet

170.2 pounds-went down 1.1 pounds.

Day 43 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I went down to 160.3 pounds. I lost 9.9 pounds in 24 days. I did some cheats. I’ve gained some additional pounds.


Day 1 of Very Low Calorie Diet

Initial weight: 162.3 pounds. I’ve gained pounds from gorging days. I ate apples, beef salad and some tomatoes. I decided to do only the 26-day cycle.

Day 2 of Very Low Calorie Diet

I weigh 160.6 pounds. I lost about 1.7 pounds. I had some chicken, corn, green bean and apples.

End of round 2

I went down to 149.6 pounds. I lost about 11 pounds in 21 days. The numbers are not that high because of some stalls. But I was able to manage to get back on track. From a heavy 183.5 pounds, I lost a total of 33.9 pounds in 2 rounds of HCG injection. I went from size 16 to size 8-10.

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