Lost 23 pounds on the 3 Round of the HCG Diet

Lost 23 pounds on the 3 Round of the HCG Diet

Melissa did 3 rounds of HCG diet. She was very successful with her third round but her first two rounds were big failures. Here why…

She’s been addicted to diet pills all her life. She started using them when she was 18. She only stopped when she learned how to do the HCG diet properly-that was when she was already 29. She tipped the scale at 198 pounds when she stopped using the diet pills. She felt disgusted about it and with how she looked. Then her friend told her about HCG diet. She looked into it, did some reading and finally gave it a try.

Her first round with HCG diet was a total failure. She decided to speed up the whole process by combining HCG and diet pills. She did follow the protocol but she even went lower than the required calorie per day. She ate only eggs, salad and apples during most of her very low calorie day. She even combined exercise with her hcg diet by running at least a mile every night. After 15 days she lost 24 pounds and she was very happy with the result. But after that her weight stalls. During her Phase 3, she did horrible. She would pig out! She didn’t know how to eat and what to eat. She decided to do the diet again, combining HCG and diet pills. She lost weight faster but during her Phase 3 she pigged out again. Then she gained all her weight back plus she started losing her hair.

After learning her lessons of doing a horrible diet she decided to do the third round. This time she stayed on track and she strictly followed the protocol. During her very low calorie diet, she lost 23 pounds. She did her Phase 3 in a very healthy manner.

HCG diet taught her so much. She has changed the way she eats and even the way her family eats. She no longer takes diet pills nor skipped a meal.  She’s now aware of what foods are good to eat and what foods can ruin her diet. Another amazing thing that had happened to her is that she no longer eats processed foods.


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