Lost 23 Pounds in 30 days

Lost 23 Pounds in 30 days

I have been doing HCG diet for around 30 days now and have lost 23 pounds. I feel fantastic seeing the difference HCG diet can make in a very short amount of time.

I am a massage therapist with a great interest in food nutrition. I live in a flat together with my best friend who is also a massage therapist. We both go to a gym but gymming doesn’t work for both of us. We both decided to try doing another program and we came across with HCG diet.

I did some research on the hcg protocol and some interviews too with my clients. Finally, I decided to purchase my kit from you because:

  1. The price was reasonable.
  2. Your service was great and straightforward.
  3. I can trust with what your site has to offer.

My box arrived on time and in good order. We both started the hcg diet right away. In just one week I lost 8 pounds and she lost 9 pounds. That’s unbelievable! In the course of one round, I lost 34 pounds while my flatmate lost 36 pounds. My metabolism is back and has continued to work well. After the hcg diet, I further loss 1.5 pounds.

The protocol was not easy. It takes determination and discipline to lose the most amount of weight. HCG diet has definitely taught us how to eat and live healthily. After seeing the results it had on me I started having some free talk at my workplace. I was even encouraging most of my clients who are interested to do the protocol. Just last year, about 10 of them decided to do the protocol of which I have recommended your website.

I am proud to tell you that all of them have been 100% successful. I am sure that they would be much willing to share their own stories too. I am planning to do another round late this year and will continue to refer my clients to do the protocol as well.

Thanks, hcg injections shop for the quality products and for being consistent with your posting on your website. Thank you for inspiring us, dieters.


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