Lost 120 pounds in 4 Rounds of HCG Injections

Lost 120 pounds in 4 Rounds of HCG Injections

Lost 120 pounds in 4 Rounds of HCG Injections

I had given up wearing skirts as long as I can remember. I always wear men’s extra-large shirt because I couldn’t find blouses bigger than 3x plus size.  When I wear shirts I don’t tuck them in. I was afraid and ashamed of showing my upper arm and my wobbly bits.

I was very thankful I found hCG diet. It had changed my life. All my life I was heavy. No- actually a “hippo”. I was so desperate to lose weight not just to look good and fit but to be healthy. For more than 10 years the scale never went down to 200 pounds and it got me worried.  As expected, my cholesterol level slowly creeps together with my blood pressure.  I realized that I needed to do something about it. I have gone to clinics. I have tried every written book and actually went into a starvation mood. I lost some few pounds but the moment I stopped, the weight just came back. So, when I found out about hCG diet I decided to really stick to it and give it a good try.

Round 1= I lost 27 pounds during the 500 calorie diet plus another 3 pounds during the maintenance phase.

Round 2=Lost 28 pounds

Round 3= Lost 33 pounds

Round 4= Lost 29 pounds

Total weight lost = 120 pounds

I have lost actual fats and not muscles. Every morning weighing-in was thrilling. Some days I lost much but some days were quite the opposite. During the second round with HCG diet, I experience a plateau even though I didn’t cheat. It lasted for 4 days. I looked back at Dr. Simeons original protocol and it all goes down to my stress level. But after the plateau, my weight has caught up and had resumed to the normal pattern of losing fats.

HCG diet is truly amazing. My blood pressure and cholesterol level are now normal. I am now back to the weight I was 15 years ago. I even referred your site to 3 of my friends and all 3 of them are in their first round. Thanks a lot!

Number of rounds: 4 consecutive rounds

Average weight loss each round: 30 pounds

Number of days per round: 46-day cycle

Initial weight: 270 pounds

Ending weight: 150 pounds

Pant size: from 26 to 14

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