Kent Lost 10 Pounds in 10 Days!

Kent has tried losing weight for years. He tried weight loss pills and he lost a substantial amount of weight. But taking weight loss pills did not teach him how to eat. As soon as he stopped taking the pills he gained all his weight back and more. He topped out at 198 pounds.

It was hard for him to lose weight. He just finished a marathon but was very disappointed. He had not lost a single pound throughout his training and running. He felt discouraged and desperate.

He heard about through a friend, a nurse in fact. So he decided to look up everything on the internet. And it looked legitimate. Still skeptical, he purchased the 42-day kit and started with the diet. It’s a WOW! That’s all he can say. In just 10 days, he lost 10 pounds!

Struggles Kent encountered

Doing the 500 calories diet wasn’t that easy for him especially when there are parties. It wasn’t that easy to cook for his meal. Kent has this unhealthy lifestyle of eating out most of the time which he doubts to be the cause of his weight gained.

Finally, after one week he can see results. The numbers on the scale remarkably went down from 198 pounds to 192 pounds. That’s 6 pounds in 7 days-almost 1 pound each day. He never encountered any diet programs before that works so fast like HCG diet. The more the number on the scale keeps going down the more he becomes motivated.

His pants now fit a little better and it’s great. His cholesterol level is getting normal and his eating out habit is slowly changing. He still has more days to go and he is planning to do another round until he reaches his goal weight. He’s now 12 pounds lighter in 10 days. HCG diet is truly rewarding and he’s very thankful for his friend for introducing him the HCG injections.

Kent’s Basic Stat

Initial Weight: 198 pounds

Total Weight lost: 10 pounds

Number of rounds: 1 rounds of 40-days cycle

Height: 5’7”

Age: 36

Health Issues: High cholesterol level


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