I Lost a Total of 29lbs While on The HCG Diet and It Boosted My Energy

I learned about HCG diet from an e-mail campaign that I‘ve received last year. I may have heard about HCG before but I never did pay any attention to it and what it can do. When I read the email I got extremely curious because it seems as though I can get rid of my extra pounds from eating too much. But I have to admit that I was scared. The very low calorie diet plus the lack of food choices were kind of tough. I didn’t think I can survive with only 500 calories a day. But I was determined to get rid of those extra pounds that I have put on. I was very excited thinking that I could lose that much in just a few weeks on the protocol.

Binging days were great. I was weighing a not so heavy 198 pounds on day 1 of very low calorie diet. I opted for 150 IU’s- hadn’t felt any hunger at all. But I have missed the sweet treats and carbs that I often eat.

The second day of 500 calories diet… I got into the scale and wow! The number shows a lighter me! As promised, the weight did come off. I lost 2 pounds and they’re mostly water weight.  After one week, can you believe that I lost 10lbs? HCG is the best diet ever! I never encountered this kind of diet before.

What’s good with the diet? It boosted my energy. Yes, I was excited to lose weight. I was excited to step on the scale and see the numbers go down each morning. But it’s not all about the numbers on the scale or on the tape measure. It’s about being healthy from within. Despite eating only 500 calories a day I have all the good productive energy needed to keep me going every day.

HCG protocol takes commitment and willpower. But everything is worth it because you can see actual results. At the end of round 1, I lost a total of 29 pounds. That’s about a pound each day. I’m 29 pounds lighter now and currently weighing 169 pounds.

I’m so glad I’ve tried doing the HCG way of dieting.

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