Losing Baby Weight

Losing Baby Weight

This is Tara and again I am back to share another brilliant weight loss story to the HCG Diet community.

Looking back…

Four years ago, I successfully completed one short round with the HCG Diet since I do not have much weight to lose. I was intrigued and skeptical at first but I eventually decided to give it a try. Thanks to all my friends who were raving at it and who at the end were able to persuade me.  I successfully lost a total of 21 pounds in just one round– a faster weight loss result with a perfect and healthy weight reduction indeed. I was so full of energy during the diet and I never thought that would happen. I guess the hormone really did its job in turning my unwanted fats into a valuable source of energy.

What the diet taught me

The HCG Diet has more to offer. One of the main goals is to help you get back in shape in a perfect manner.  This diet is an effective jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle. It teaches you a new way of how you look at foods and a new way of eating. It’s like a ladder to healthy food habits and mindful, healthy food eating. After the diet, you’ll have better endurance that you’ll be able to work out longer and harder. Another perk is that it balances your estrogen hormone so you’ll have an improved libido and bodily homeostasis.

1 year after the diet

A year after successfully completing the HCG Diet I got pregnant. I was 41 and I never thought I could still get pregnant with my age. I have one teenager now and, I and my husband have been trying for years to have a baby but nothing has happened despite our best efforts. When I find out that I’m pregnant I was so happy and blessed. I told immediately my husband about my pregnancy and, he was so surprised about the news. I had a great pregnancy with no complications and gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 42.

Losing the baby weight

2 years after giving birth, I decided to do the HCG diet. From the initial 168 pounds weight before pregnancy, I am now weighing 200 pounds. I have kept telling myself that I’d start another round of diet but never quite got around it. I was too busy and even too tired taking care of my daughter that I ended up having anxiety and insomnia problems. My family was all out on their support. I ask my husband to help me with some of the cooking so I wouldn’t have to prepare two separate meals. I also ask them not to offer me any treats while I am doing the diet.

Another successful round

Again, I successfully completed another round on the HCG Diet. I was able to lose my baby weight. I lost a total of 24 pounds quickly and easily and I felt fantastic once again. My anxiety and insomnia are gone for good. I was finally able to have a good night’s sleep. This diet has stopped me from turning to a nightly glass of wine to de-stress and to have a goodnight’s sleep. I feel like I got myself back again. I have lots of energy to go looking around after my growing daughter. I recently went shopping for new clothes and I’m just happy to say that I’m 2 sizes down. My friends and relatives have noticed that I’ve lost some weight and, they’ve even been commenting on how great I’m looking. It’s not that I’m doing this all for myself just to look great but receiving compliments after all my commitment and efforts in losing weight feels great.

Word of advice

With all the weight loss programs floating around these days, knowing which one best suit you may seem difficult but I truly believe that the HCG Diet is one of the best. If you are like me who is impatient and, like to see faster weight loss result, then the HCG Diet is right for you. The HCG Diet will allow you to lose weight quickly and easily. It will teach you how to eat healthily for a long-term weight loss goal. If you worry about the calorie restrictions and the hunger sensations, I assure you that it’s manageable. The program is very simple and easy to follow. Just stick to the plan and you will surely reach your goal and have a slimmer, healthy body you deserve.


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