Losing 88.5 Pounds in 3 Rounds

Losing 88.5 Pounds in 3 Rounds

Losing 88.5 Pounds in 3 Rounds

I was weighing 257 pounds and I know very well that I wasn’t healthy. I easily get tired and had shortness of breath. My blood pressure was high and so with my cholesterol level. The last time I went to see my doctor was when I had a swollen lower right leg with joint pain that won’t go away for weeks. It was only then that I found out that my blood sugar level was high too.

I was shocked by the news. I mean nobody among my family has a history of high blood glucose.  I finally realized that I’m doomed.  I felt devastated and full of regrets. All those years of food indulgence and occasional exercises-how could I let such things get out of hand? I need to do something about my weight. So, I have tried just about every diet and weight loss available. I have tried taking countless diet pills and have done extreme diets too but nothing works for me. I have spent dollars on personal trainers and gym membership but I guess my fat build-up was just as stubborn as I am. My weight continued to creep until I hit almost 300 pounds, not to mention my health issues.

How I discovered the world of the HCG diet

I went back to the clinic, and I was given the option for a gastric bypass or an adjustable gastric band. All of which involves needles and knives. I was thinking about the popular gastric bypass but I had a second thought. There must still be something out there that will eventually work for me. So, I told my partner about my plan. “Give me two months more to search for the right weight loss program. If things won’t work, I’ll go for gastric bypass then”.

On our way home, I overheard one patient talking with the doctor’s assistance in the hallway. They were talking about the HCG Diet thing. It was new to me. I was wondering what it was but the word DIET gave me hope.

On getting to know the HCG Diet

When we arrived home, I immediately sat down in front of the computer and Google for the HCG diet. I spent the entire day reading all about the diet. The next day I have started watching videos about weight loss successes. By the end of the day, I told my husband about giving the HCG Diet a try. I have spent another week preparing, and getting myself acquainted with the protocol while waiting for the kit to arrive as I have purchased them online. I was really skeptical. Who wouldn’t but I told myself that I’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

First week on the HCG Diet

I was still skeptical but when I literally started losing weight I was all in. I have dropped 9 pounds in just one week. I have never imagined that such a diet actually exists. I wish I have learned about the HCG Diet much earlier. I would have been halfway through my goal weight by now.

Seeing those pounds shed with just following a simple diet was rewarding. The more I lost the more I was getting excited. The diet was so easy. The calorie restriction was manageable too as I have done extreme diets before. The hormone seems quite busy literally melting my fat away within the week.

Fast forward to the end of round one

Last day of injection, I was 32 pounds lighter. I now weigh exactly 266 pounds. I have shed not just pounds but inches as well. I feel much lighter now and the pain in my leg join seems to subside. My shirt has started to become loose too and I am so much happy with the result the HCG Diet is giving me.

I never felt hungry during the entire duration of the diet. I followed the protocol properly and re-read the HCG Diet guide, so I won’t miss any details on it and ensure I was doing the right thing. When I went back to the clinic for a follow-up check-up my doctor was totally stunned with how I looked. It has been nearly two months before my last visit.

On to the next round, and next…

I was so determined to lose weight, and so I continued right away with my second round. I’m just very thankful that my partner was very supportive of my goal. He was always there when I need him especially if it’s time for grocery shopping and cooking. I started at 268 pounds since I have gained 2 pounds from loading. My end weight for round 2 was 241 pounds. My mid-drift and hips seem much smaller now. They just came off evenly without much effort.

On the 3rd round, I lost another 28.5 pounds. My end weight was 212.5 pounds. I am much lighter than ever. I have never felt good like this before. I know I am still halfway through my goal but the result the HCG diet was giving me was a blessing. My diet lifestyle has totally changed. I have gone on to choose my foods carefully and bid goodbye to all those foods that were no good for my health. My blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood sugar are now normal. No more swelling and joint pains. The patient whom I overheard talking about the HCG diet was an angel in disguise.


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