Losing 82 Pounds before Wedding

Losing 82 Pounds before Wedding

Tara got engaged in 2015 and was thrilled to finally marry her long-time boyfriend. They have been together for almost 8 years, a very healthy relationship but not with foods.

Tara was having a knee problem due to her weight. After almost 8 years of minimal exercise and eating out at fast foods and restaurants, her weight shoots up to 248.5 pounds. It was her heaviest weight ever. Tara was also dreading buying a wedding dress at her size for her coming wedding the following year. Getting a plus-size dress can be quite difficult for her. She didn’t also want to buy more than the normal size wedding dress. She thinks that she felt she was paying for her “fat tax”. Her other concern was she can’t imagine how she would look in her dream wedding dress give her current size- the fat rolls on her hips, the cellulite on her thigh and how big her arms look.

Tara HCG Diet Journey:

She was pushing 248.5 pounds and could not even stand to look at herself in the mirror. What more during her wedding day? 8 years of an unhealthy relationship with unhealthy foods has put her in this situation.

Tara started with her diet a week after her engagement. The first thing she did was a combination of cutting her calories down to 1000 calories a day plus working out in the gym in their neighborhood. She knew that the only way for her to lose weight was to burn more calories than what she eats.  She knew too that what she’ll be doing wouldn’t be that simple.

She has tried doing some cardio workout for a couple of days while restricting her calorie intake. For a while, she was doing well. She was indeed losing weight but after some time she hit a plateau and has not been losing weight. She realized that she’s been doing her cardio incorrectly. She’s been working at a low intensity focusing only at the fat-burning zone instead of doing a higher intensity workout. Her other error was being inconsistent with her gym time. For her to lose weight, she should have done a higher intensity workout at least 3 times in a week but instead, she only visits twice and sometimes once. Tara was pleased with her almost 2 months’ effort but she got tired of going to the gym. Her other concern was her knee problem that’s been keeping her out from doing higher intensity workout plus her lower calorie intake was making her feel too exhausted at the end of the day.

Tara tried other forms of diet like the Atkins, diet shakes and diet pills but nothing works for her. She was desperate thinking that she’s running out of time before her wedding. She felt hopeless until she found the HCG Diet. She learned about it from her very supportive fiancée. It’s a natural and safe diet that uses the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin a hormone from the placenta of a pregnant mother. The diet is associated with dramatic weight loss up to a pound a day. It’s a diet that will help dieters lose weight by changing how the body loses weight.

Tara learned that the HCG Diet can help lose weight by reduces the feeling of hunger. This allows the dieters to eat very little in a day without actually feeling hungry. She also learned that only HCG injections can make dieters lose weight, unlike the pills and drops. HCG injections is the only proven method in helping overweight people lose weight while on the HCG Diet. What she liked most from her reading was that aside from losing weight, the HCG diet will help her achieve her goal without compromising her muscle.

Tara started using the HCG injection along with her fiancée. At first, she was hesitant because she hasn’t heard about it except through reading. However, through extensive research, watching several videos about success stories she found the diet to be unbelievably true. They got their first kit online and were glad that what they’ve got was pharmaceutical-grade hormones at a lower price that comes with one month complete set of insulin injections. Tara did a total of 3 rounds using HCG injections and has lost a total of 82 pounds in all the right places for a short duration of time. She lost an average of 27 pounds in each round.

Round 1 was kind of difficult for her but with more motivation from her fiancée, she was able to lose 29 pounds of unwanted fats. She finds it more difficult during her first week but eventually, her body gets used to consuming very low calories each day. She did the second and third rounds with great success. Unlike the first round, she finds her second and third round quite easy with minimal difficulties. She have had experiences a stall on her second round but she was able to go back on track through the “apple day”. Among the three phases, it’s the maintenance phase that she liked most because she can eat more at this phase. She just needs to stay away from starchy veggies and fruits, no bread and no sugar.

By her wedding the following year she was able to lose 82 pounds and was able to buy her dreamed wedding dress in a size 6. She went for a long-sleeved fitted dress that went up to her neck with a bareback instead of a cleavage-baring with a dramatic accent. She felt awesome with how she looked because she had never imagined wearing something fitted for her wedding day. She was very grateful that she was able to lose weight and lost even more than her initial goal weight of 50 pounds. Everything was perfectly timed.

It has been a year already after her wedding and Tara was able to keep up her weight loss habit. The HCG Diet has helped her lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Now she’s got all her time to shop with her friends for smaller sizes dress-which she had never done before.


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