Losing 35 Pounds

Losing 35 Pounds

Losing 25 pounds had transformed Vina’s outlook on life. She has always been overweight and has tried various ways to lose weight but nothing seems to work for her.

Her first visit to her doctor for being overweight was when she weighs almost 200 pounds. She thought her youth would protect her from illnesses of a much older adult but she was wrong. She was scared to death when she made an appointment with her doctor who ran a battery test on her. After getting her results, her doctor told her that she was pre-diabetic and overweight at a younger age. She was warned if she will not get herself into a healthy weight range she would end up having other much serious health issues.

Her doctor’s warning hit her hard, and she knew she needed to lose weight for herself and her future. She has tried various ways to lose weight but to no avail until she found the HCG Diet. HCG Diet has totally changed her outlook in life.

Here are her reasons why she loved doing the HCG Diet:

1.     No hunger pains! That is what she liked about the HCG Diet the most. Her previous other diets were intolerable.

2.     The HCG Diet is doable. She loved every great-tasting meal in the recipes that she has downloaded. She has started cooking her own foods, which she enjoys. She cooked more veggies and has been trying new things to make her every meal more satisfying.

3.     The approved HCG Diet foods are nutritionally balanced.

4.     The servings are served in portion sizes, only 100 grams of meat for lunch and dinner yet enable her to lose weight. She could eat a lot of veggies if she still feels hungry.

5.     She has learned how to pay attention to her portion sizes which she couldn’t do before her diet. She became more mindful of her body needs instead of using foods for comfort.

6.     The HCG Diet thought her how to eat properly and when is the right time to eat.

7.     No side effects! In fact, her blood sugar level was back to normal, and she no longer in the borderline of being diabetic.

8.     She is no longer overweight. Seeing a huge difference on her scale after her diet was worth all the efforts. Though young, she has never lost that much weight in her entire life. She would lose a pound or two but gained them back when she stopped.

9.     No injection pains. At first, she thought her daily injections will keep her from doing the diet. She even thought of reconsidering taking a daily drop than having a daily shot. She was scared during her first shot that she has asked her sister to do it for her but after her first shot she realized and felt no injection pain.

10.             The HCG Diet is not expensive and not boring compared with the other diets she did. All she needs is to order for a kit in every round and wait for the kit to be delivered at her doorstep. There is no need for her to visit a physician or a diet guru every week to guide her. There is no need for her to order for every meal. This means she’s got to save more.

11.             After her diet, she enjoyed exercising and has found exercise as her stress reliever from her busy, noisy life in the city.  After her exercise, her body craves healthy nutrients with lesser cravings for unhealthy foods.

Vina lost a total of 35 pounds doing two long rounds of the HCG Diet. Instead of doing the 500 calorie diet she chooses to do the 800 calorie diet. Losing weight has done so much more than changing her body. It gave her new hope and a new beginning to living a healthier life. Unbelievable but true- the HCG Diet has completely transformed her outlook on foods, health and her total outlook in life. It was the best weight loss program she ever did. She’s now a happy person, more confident than ever. Her advice to those who want to take a leap of faith is to make small achievable goals into big changes. Doing little something each day can bring you further away from unhealthy eating habits and health issues and closer to living a healthier lifestyle.


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