Losing 33 Pounds in Two Separate HCG Diet Rounds

Losing 33 Pounds in Two Separate HCG Diet Rounds

Losing 33 Pounds in Two Separate HCG Diet Rounds

When I started the HCG Diet I was 188 pounds heavy. I have tried exercising and low carb regimens but they just wouldn’t work for me. My hunger would always get out of control in the evening while on the low carb diet. I literally wouldn’t eat much all day but when I arrived home from work, I would make poor choices of foods and eat until I’m full. I have lost a few pounds off my body but my skin looks saggy. Even though I wanted to do the low carbs plus exercise, my body wouldn’t allow it. I felt very tired at the end of the day and I don’t have much energy left to do what I wanted to do.

Everything changes when I started using the HCG Diet. A friend I’ve known for years told me about the HCG Diet. She accompanied me to this particular weight loss clinic and the doctor there was able to diagnose my issue and solve it by putting me on a medication-the HCG injections. I bought my first kit at the clinic but the second one I got it from hcg injections shop online.

I lost a total of 35 pounds in two rounds. I find the diet to be very easy since my body is used with eating a low carb diet. The HCG injections are fantastic. The needles are painless. The menus that I have downloaded online were doable and so easy to follow. I even find time to cook some of the menus for my family to eat. The HCG hormone had helped me eliminate my cravings. I can’t even believe that I was able to eat only 500 calories a day without even getting hungry. HCG Diet changed my life.

Today I weigh 153 pounds and I am very comfortable with my body. I lost a total of 35 pounds with 2 separate short rounds of HCG diet.  I feel so much better and my entire outlook on life has changed. The wrong choices of foods are totally gone. I have learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am now working on maintaining my weight through proper exercise and a low carb diet of healthier food choices and proper food portions. For those who are looking for a perfect diet program, HCG Diet is the best weight loss program for you.

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