Losing 19 Pounds and Counting

I started with my hcg diet on New Year’s Day. I did two loading days and have gained 3 pounds right before New Year’s Day. I have tried everything but nothing would make me break my 190 barriers. Working out, weight watchers and protein shake won’t either work for me. At first, I was completely against HCG diet until my best friend opened up my eyes. She told me that it actually works and I wouldn’t starve myself out.

I started at 191 pounds and I’m down to 172 pounds today. I didn’t follow the hcg diet protocol 100%. I did some modifications. But I see to it that I don’t go way beyond the allotted number of calories per day. I sometimes eat veggie mix when I’m hungry. I mixed chopped tomatoes with celery stalk and 2 cups of spinach. Then I stir-fry it with mustard, cayenne pepper and cumin. And VOILA! A plate of food! I also eat lots of pickles when I’m hungry.

For breakfasts, I eat ounces of chicken breast, tomatoes, celery stick and 2 cups of Romaine lettuce seasoned with mustard and apple cider vinegar. When I’m out all day long and too busy to cook for my meal I eat peeled shrimp along with pickles and celery. Sometimes I missed counting the calories but still, I lost over a pound the following day.

I know for sure that this isn’t the proper way of doing the protocol and that I’m not actually losing all the right fats. I am still on my third week doing the hcg diet but I see to it that I am using the right dose.

The result it had on me was amazing. I get excited getting on the scale each morning and see the numbers goes down. There’s no huge difference from how I look now and the time I started with my hcg diet. But my pants are getting loosen that I have to use a belt on them.

My basic stat

  • Starting weight: 191 pounds
  • Total weight lost: 19 pounds
  • Weight as of today: 172 pounds
  • Number of weeks on the protocol: 2 weeks

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