A Journey To Losing 21lbs

A Journey To Losing 21lbs

A Journey To Losing 21lbs

My name is Margarette and I love the HCG diet. This is not my first round, but I am so excited to be doing this. I know how difficult this diet can be, but with determination and the right motivation from the surrounding people, you will surely lose a lot of weight. I promise you that.

I started at 238 pounds during my first round and ended up weighing 27 pounds lighter. That’s awesome! My end weight was 211 pounds. It was the biggest that I have lost since I can remember. After having two kids, I have been carrying my weight in the middle since then, With the HCG diet, which I have learned from my sister, my belly fat is not totally gone, but they’ve become smaller and “softer” too. And so, with my hip roll, because, honestly, they were a kind of hard.

I went from wearing size 18 clothes to size 16. I’ve worn a few sizes 14s pants, skirts, and dresses, but most are too tight. I knew they won’t be for long! I would love to be under 200 pounds towards my honest 165 driver’s license weight that I was 10 years ago before having two kids. Actually, after having my first child, I was hovering between 165-175 pounds only. I was at my heaviest during that time, but my weight creeps up slowly after my second child.

I know that childbearing is wonderful, but I want to do something about my large deflated basketball in my belly. I want to feel happy and look gorgeous again, and not like a frumpy mom who never shed that baby weight. At first, I was planning to do two consecutive long rounds to lose 50 pounds before the holidays. However, I’ve decided to just do one round and enjoy the holidays with my family.

Round Two

Loading Days

This will be my second round, but I found loading days to be much harder than I thought. Eating so many foods gave me a mild headache. I was extremely bloated, and I felt gross. Round two loading day weigh-ins, 217 pounds. I am very much eager to begin with, phase 2, with high hopes of following the protocol to a “T”.

Phase 2

Everything went well on the first day. I felt empty but not hungry. I had coffee in the morning and grilled chicken, celery, and asparagus with lemon juice and Melba toast for lunch. I had the same meal in the evening. On second day weigh-ins, I have lost almost a pound. I add vitamin B12 for an energy boost. Honestly, when I looked in the mirror, I have more defined cheekbones again.

Fast forward

Reflecting… I can’t believe I’ve lost 21 pounds and wearing jeans that were too tight for me before. I feel great and I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting, I have lost more inches. I am so glad that I did another round.

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