Intrigued and Skeptical at First

Intrigued and Skeptical at First

Intrigued and Skeptical at First

I do not have much weight to lose, I only need to lose around 20 pounds but I didn’t want to muck around. I am usually the type of dieter who easily gets bored and I don’t want to keep on jumping from one diet to another. Whenever I tried dieting, I ended up frustrated. I usually fail at diets that only allow me to lose half a pound each week yet with all the efforts. It just takes too long and I get too bored. I want a diet that happens as quickly as possible even if it’s challenging.

It was about a year and a half ago when I started seeing friends who lose quite a bit of weight. Whenever I asked them how they did it, they said the HCG Diet. There was this woman I see around our neighborhood who completely transformed herself. Each time I see her, she keeps getting thinner and thinner. The way I see it, she has gone from wearing a size 26 jeans to around size 16. She looked like a different person after some time- as if there had been another slimmer person inside her all those years just waiting to be set free from the overweight body. My curiosity ended up asking her right then and there about what she did. Her answer- the HCG Diet!

I was intrigued when I heard all about their weight loss story especially the woman in our community but, I was skeptical at the same time. I thought it was just another fad diet but my friends were all raving about it with the utmost religious fervor.

How could they lose weight and surviving only in 500 calories a day?

Here’s what I have learned from them. The HCG Diet restricts you from eating too many calories in 23 days or 46 days. Along with the food restriction, was the daily injection of the hormone. The hormone taps your body’s metabolism allows you to burn unwanted fats to be used as a main source of energy. My next questions are:

-Does the hormone really work?

-Will I gain my weight back after losing them?

-How do you stop regaining the weight back once you start to eat normally?

Though I want something that works quickly, I didn’t start the HCG diet unless I was sure that it was the right diet for me and that it would really help me lose weight and keep the weight off for good. The HCG diet kit they told me isn’t expensive but I do not want to waste money on something that isn’t worth my expectation. 

What I have learned about the HCG Diet

So I did my research about the HCG Diet. I have learned that this diet has been on existence for some time already and was based on the work of a British endocrinologist, Dr. Albert Simeons. His work was written and published in his book “Pounds and Inches”. I have read his book and find it too good to be true. The low-calorie intake and the daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG are what made the diet successful. The hormone acts as an appetite suppressant and will also reset the body’s metabolism so it can burn fats more efficiently.

When you follow the protocol thoroughly, you’ll be able to lose at least a half a pound or a pound each day. I have also read about some modified versions of the diet- the 700 calories a day and the 800 calories a day intake. Both versions use the same hormone either via injection or homeopathic drops.

My first week on the diet

After finding out more about the diet, I finally decided to give it a try. I have chosen the 23-days protocol using the injection since I do not have much weight to lose. My first two days on calorie restrictions were quite fine but on my third day, I was feeling a bit light-headed and a bit hungry. Based on the research I have made, hunger sensations on the first few days of calorie restrictions are fine and it should go away after a day or two. On my 5th day, the hunger sensation vanished and I felt full of energy. How could I feel so great despite eating only 500 calories a day? I couldn’t believe it.

I deliberately didn’t weigh myself and swear that I will take my measurement after a week of doing the HCG Diet. On day 7, I was so shockingly surprised to see the numbers on the scale went down by 6 pounds. Seeing how fast the weight loss result was incredibly overwhelming and it gave me the willpower and motivation to lose more.

By the end of the protocol, I had lost 21 pounds. The hormone seemed to target the fat in my problem areas- hips, belly, thigh, and butt. It was a lot easier than I thought. Simply follow the protocol- no oil, less carb, less calorie, and everything is well. I made sure that I weight all my meat raw into 100 grams. I made sure also that I had my choice of fruits and veggies on hand. I absolutely love the simplicity of the HCG Diet. No worries for breakfast since I am not a breakfast person except for a cup of coffee though.

I completed the diet successfully. I did lose weight in just a month and I felt fantastic about it. This diet is not only intended for those who want to lose a lot of weight but even for those who want to lose less than 20 pounds.


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