Injured and Overweight To Being Fit

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Injured and Overweight To Being Fit

I started struggling with my weight later on in life. Growing up, I was an athlete and my weight was naturally under control. However, with college came complete freedom and I ate what everyone else ate junk food. I started to gain weight. Over the next decade of my life, I started to gain more and more weight until everything came to a peak. I was injured in the line of duty as a peace officer during a disturbance. I needed back surgery and was informed I would be unable to return to my position as a peace officer. For most of that year, I was depressed. I was unable to exercise, participate in sports, or return to the job I loved. So I did what I knew best. I ate. A lot. 

Three months before my 30th birthday I decided that an extreme change was needed if I was ever going to be happy. I visited my aunt and was astonished that she had lost 50 pounds and looked amazing. She informed me that she used the HCG Diet and had kept the weight off. She taught me about it and told me to check it online. I’ve read a lot about the diet and was amazed by the stories. I decided to try it and take the risk. I was going to change my life and lose this decade’s worth of miserable fat. 

When I started HCG, I was at an unbelievable 230 pounds. I remember thinking, “How did I let this get so out of control?” I’m depressed at that time and I pity myself for not having enough attention to my figure. 

Almost immediately after starting the diet, I’ve seen results already. I felt better about myself. I had this renewed feeling of confidence and I felt like I had control over my goals. Most people doubted me and told me I was crazy. They said that I wouldn’t succeed, that I would gain it all back plus more. Their negativity simply increased my motivation and drive. After two 40-day rounds, I lost a total of 68 pounds. That’s quite a bit of fat and misery went! Currently, I am back to my weight goal and have gone from a size 20 to a size 9. A size I never even thought of!

So far I have referred 20 of my close friends and acquaintances with life-changing results for each of them. Even a perfect stranger, who works at the plus size store I used to shop at, was inspired by my weight loss and has also lost over 70 lbs on the HCG diet. I am so thankful that my aunt shared her journey with me! – Emily, Canada


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Injured and Overweight To Being Fit