An Impressive Weight Loss Result

My name is Jo. I and my husband decided to do the HCG Diet as I have seen a wonderful first-hand result. And also, my sister-in-law is now doing the HCG Diet too. I was pretty skeptical at first but when I’ve seen a real result I was amazed. I started on at 216.5 pounds and after two long rounds, I am now sitting at 158.4 pounds and my husband lost a total of 60 pounds.

Looking back…

I have dieted all my life with my weight keeps going up and down. I have struggled with obesity and self-doubt and being made fun of because of my weight. I felt tired, unhealthy and uncomfortable in my own skin. So, I went to every weight loss clinic in Chicago, but they ain’t working for me. Whenever I would visit a weight loss clinic, I would often feel discouraged because they would often give unrealistic advice. They never understand how hard it would be for obese people like me to diet successfully.  “Just eat less and exercise more”, that’s the usual reply I always get from them and it’s very frustrating.

I have tried Ketogenic diet, completely stop eating all sorts of carbs for months, and I was successful. Eventually, I got so bored with dieting that I gave up and gained everything back. I would loss 20 but literally gained back 30. I have tried Weight watchers, but they were too embarrassing for me. I’ve tried Jenny Craig, but they’re way too expensive, from regularly meeting with a weight loss expert to planning a perfectly balanced menu plans.

My husband, finally, got so concerned about my weight and my health that he told me about the HCG Diet. He learned about it from a friend at work who successfully completed 2 rounds of HCG Diet. He decided to do the diet with me. He was so supportive not to sabotage my weight effort, so he went along with me.

What HCG Diet taught me

HCG diet had taught me so much. Whenever I didn’t meet my target goal for the day due to plateau I do not consider it as a failure but instead I move forward and identify problems that had caused me to stall my weight loss. The HCG Diet had showed me how to eat, what to eat and what time to eat in an easy and fun ways. I started seeing healthy eating as a lifelong habit. Each day I stepped on the scale I can see the numbers go down and down. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I can see the pounds shed from my body.

Finding a unique reward

Whenever I hit my target goal I treat myself to something healthy such as having a relaxing massage with my husband or going on a trip away from the busy city of Chicago on weekends with my whole family.

Off the protocol

Since I’ve been off the program, I am more aware of myself, my body and how it operates. Whenever I’ve eaten too much crap, I get back on track by drinking plenty of water and within a couple of days I’m back to my new normal weight. I have started doing weekly cardio workouts. I am now stronger, more confident and more energetic. I can now run around like a spring chicken and enjoying my kids as opposed to fobbing them off whenever they want to play with me. Working out has now become part of my lifestyle.

It’s not just my appearance that’s changed after I lose weight but my whole outlook in life has changed for the better. HCG Diet is a life changer that I would definitely recommend it to every single person I know.  I would tell them that if they want to lose weight, all they have to do is to follow the plan. There is no doubt that the HCG Diet results would be impressive if you follow the plan. You will not only shed pounds but you will also keep them off for a lifetime.

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Statement from the FDA : “HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.