I’m Almost 300 lbs

I’m Almost 300 lbs

I’m Almost 300 lbs

Before I have started with my journey with the HCG Diet 4 years ago, I had tried every exercise, diet plans, and weight loss pills known to man. I have reached my heaviest weight of almost 300 pounds and my health issues at its highest too. My blood pressure and cholesterol level were beyond normal and so is my blood sugar level. I was too heavy that I easily get tired to move. I was lost. I had no idea what to do and where to turn too.  

Early years 

Growing up wasn’t that easy for me as I always struggle with my weight. I was never the heaviest in my class but I can say I was heavy enough to know the difference. My typical day goes like this: Sugary oatmeal for breakfast, cheesy sandwich, and chips for lunch then chocolate drinks or soda after school until dinnertime. Then for dinner, I would gorge on anything my mother would prepare.  

My first diet attempt started when I graduated high school. I remember I was weighing a not so heavy 173 pounds during that time. I was doing a low-calorie diet and have started removing chocolate drinks, chips, and sandwiches from my typical meal. When dinner time comes I normally skip carb foods served on the table and would eat only the meat portion.  

I do lose weight but every now and then, I do succumb to cravings and would eventually put the weight back on. I went through the same cycle over and over until I finish college. I’d lose and get fit doing the low-calorie diet and exercise then whenever I stop, I would succumb to cravings and again and put the weight back on.  

Unhealthy binge-eating pattern 

A series of emotional events had triggered the onset of my full-blown food addiction. Fast foods, drive-thru, and restaurant had become my personal kitchen. I was too depressed to eat well and think of doing exercise. My unhealthy binge-eating patterns lasted for more than 3 years. I had gone from 155 pounds to 220 pounds.  My blood pressure spikes as high as it could. My cholesterol level isn’t normal, I was having heart palpitations and a long list of other health issues.  

My Wake-up call 

I was terrified by the state I was in. With an extensive list of family history of cancer, heart ailments, and diabetes I realized that it was time for me to change my unhealthy ways into healthy ones. I feared that I might not live to be 30 if I will not do anything about my unhealthy lifestyle.  

Getting to know HCG Diet 

I’ve learned about the HCG diet from a colleague at work who happens to be my husband now. He told me that he saw what the diet can do because his sister Vina had been doing the diet for 3 rounds now. I asked for his sister’s phone number and have talked about the diet over the phone. Vina had advised me to visit this certain weight loss clinic which she used to visit. I went to the clinic, and they told me everything about the HCG diet. What they didn’t tell me was I could get the same product online at a very affordable price and that I could do the diet by myself without the supervision of the doctor.  

I was apprehensive about purchasing the HCG shot at first but paying more than a thousand dollars from weight loss clinics is too expensive for me. Besides, based on the diet reviews I’ve read, HCG shots not made in the US are authentic since they are pharmaceutical grade.   

Doing the HCG diet 

I started my journey weighing almost 300 pounds and ended up becoming 28 pounds lighter after the weight loss phase. I was so happy with the results. I have never lost that much in my entire year of existence. As I moved towards the maintenance phase, I found myself not craving for heavy fats and carb-rich foods. I was able to increase my food items focusing more on protein, fruits, and veggies. I even had the energy to incorporate exercise while in the maintenance phase. I was determined to continue with round 2 and round 3 and was successful with the next 2 rounds that followI lost a total of 80 pounds doing 3 rounds on the HCG diet. I was happy with the result I get at the end of each round. My blood pressure and cholesterol were all gone.  

Indeed, the HCG diet worked wonders for me.  I love the fact that it only takes 46 days for me to lose more than 20 pounds. I love the fact that the HCG diet had reset my metabolism and I am now more able to control what food I eat and how much I eat. I highly recommend this product compared with anything else I have ever tried. It works. All you need is to be committed to yourself and the diet and you will lose weight.  


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