I Went from a Dress Size 22, XXXL to Size 8, a Medium Size

HCG diet is exactly what I need. I am one of those many who eats out of boredom. I love eating. I eat until I am satisfied. Now at age 40, I feel like I am living in the body of 25 years old.

My addiction to food has caused my body not only to ballooned-up to 256 pounds. My energy is slowly draining out from my body as days goes by. I do not have the same energy that I used to have when I was still in my mid 20’s. Both of my ankles hurt whenever I walked for quite a distance. Climbing stairs weren’t that easy too.

I have done a lot of other diet plans for a year but I failed. Going to the gym didn’t work for me as well because of my ankle issues. When I consulted my doctor it’s all because of my weight. I also found out that my cholesterol level isn’t normal anymore. With my height of 5’3”, my BMI puts me in an obese category. I have tried doing the low-calorie diet but targeting the “bad fat” was next to impossible. I’ve lost some pounds but I’ve lost some muscles too. It was not the right diet for me. Not until I met HCG diet.

HCG diet is my life saver. I wish I have done this diet year ago. It gave me back the energy that I haven’t had in years. The protocol was so easy to follow since I have tried doing a low-calorie diet before without HCG though. Without HCG to do the trick, it’s really impossible to target all the bad fat. I’ve done 4 rounds and I’ve lost an average of 28 pounds in every round. I went from 256 pounds to 144 pounds. I’ve lost 112 pounds in 4 rounds of HCG injections. 112 pounds was a BIG lost for me. I went from a dress size 22, XXXL to size 8, a medium size.

Now I feel satisfied and contented. I eat to live and not simply out neither of boredom nor for comfort. HCG diet gave me the chance to do what I cannot do on my own. Big thanks to HCG diet!

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