I Lost 16lbs After 1 Month on the HCG Diet

I Lost 16lbs After 1 Month on the HCG Diet

My name is Bea and I am 26 years old and I have lost 16 pounds on the HCG Diet. My cousin told me about this diet so I ordered for my own one month kit online right away.  It arrived on my doorstep a couple of days after and without any delay I started the diet.  I don’t need to do so much research about what the hormones can do because my cousin is already a living proof of that.

I have watched her shed pounds and inches off her body so easily in only a matter of months. Just like me, she used to be a biggy too. She’s older than me by 2 years and we grow up together. We literally have the same sweet tooth cravings. I guess the reason why we’ve gone this heavy was we do not only have control over our foods but we also binge for no reason at all.

She had embarked with the HCG Diet ahead before me and I have seen how much she has lost weight. I have also seen how much the hormone changes her not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I didn’t do the diet along with her because I was not ready. I was just afraid that I would easily give up in the middle of the diet because of hunger. But my cousin told me not to worry because I can only feel hungry when the dose is not right.

My initial weight was 186 pounds at 5’6. After binging for 2 days I have gained 4 pounds that make me 190 pounds. I binged on high fat, high-calorie foods mostly bacon and sausages in the morning. I kinda’ ate ice cream though.

I decided to do the long round so I ordered for a 1 month kit. After 1-month I lost 16 pounds and I couldn’t believe I’ve lost that much. I have so much energy and I feel much better about myself. I am more confident than ever. Right now I am doing phase 3. My maintaining weight is 176 pounds and I have no problems at all keeping the weight off. I just simply follow the protocol and everything is well. One thing that the HCG diet has taught me is to how to properly portion my foods. I used to have no control over them before but now everything has changed. I know this is just the beginning but I do hope that I can keep my weight off for good.


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